Monday, June 4, 2012

FamilyWize Showers Amber!

Amber opens shower gifts at

Oh, boy!  The FamilyWize family will be getting a little bit bigger! Team leader, Amber, and her husband are expecting their first child, so we threw her a little "surprise" baby shower at the office. 

And oh, was she surprised! Amber was showered with tons of loot for her baby boy who will be here before we know it! 

As with planning the perfect surprise baby shower, having a baby requires planning.  One of the many decisions a woman has to make concerning her pregnancy, besides which color to paint the baby's room or what to name the baby, is which prenatal vitamin to choose.  

For all those soon to be moms out there like Amber, do you know that FamilyWize can help with prescription prenatal vitamins?
participating pharmacies FamilyWize card
Team Leader Amber at Family Wize surprise baby shower

FamilyWize saves an average of 18% on prenatal vitamins. DuetDHA, PreNexa, Prenate, NataChew are just a few of the prescription vitamins we have helped women fill.  To see the other prenatal vitamins the program can help with, use our Drug Price Lookup tool.

If your doctor writes you a prescription for a FDA approved prenatal vitamin, check out the list of our participating pharmacies to see where you can take your prescription.   Don't forget to use the FamilyWize Card to see if you can get additional discounts on other medications you are prescribed as well.

If you have questions about your prenatal vitamins, only your doctor can provide advice on which one to take.  If you have any questions about FamilyWize, visit our FAQ Page

Krysta W.


  1. Does purchasing from this site need an online doctor prescription? I wonder how the regulated medications be protected from being abused using online prescription.

    1. Nothing can be purchased from the FamilyWize site. This is not an online prescription site. You can download the free discount card and use it at your pharmacy to get a discount on prescription medications. Pharmacies require a doctor's prescription in order to fill and the FamilyWize card covers all FDA-approved medications.

  2. Hi, do you guys have discount cards for me to order humira? And can I still use it if I plan to buy the drug online?

  3. Hi Charles,
    Yes, Humira is a covered medication. By using our site's drug price lookup,, you will be able to see which walk-in pharmacies accept the discount card, and what the price will be. However, at this time, online pharmacies do not accept the discount card.

    Thank you for your question!