Thursday, July 19, 2012

Color Me Happy!

Every single day, we are surrounded by oodles of colors-- blues, yellows, oranges, violets.  If I broke out my color spectrum wheel from fourth grade art class and started typing them all out, I would wear my keyboard out!

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Red, Green, and Blue, Oh My! 
But have you ever sat back and thought about colors--I mean REALLY thought about why you painted your bedroom blue?  Why you wore that red dress to that party?  Why your car is black?  (Cue the Twilight Zone music.)  In a place deep in the back of your mind,  you chose those colors--not just picked them!

The effect of colors on our mood is intriguing, to say the least.  You probably didn't even realize it, but the colors we surround ourselves with, wardrobe or home, say something about us.

Here is a mini lesson on color psychology 101:

Blue is the color of peace, rest, and tranquility.  It causes the body to produce calming chemicals that lowers respiration and blood pressure-- which explains why it is often the color of bedrooms.  Not all blues are calming though. The saying "feeling blue" stems from darker blues which are associated with being cold, uncaring, and depressing.  People tend to be more productive in blue rooms because blue promotes focus and wisdom.  P.S. If you have a job interview coming up, wear blue because it represents loyalty. 

Since there are very few blue foods that occur naturally, blue acts as an appetite suppressant to help you eat less if you are watching your weight.  Check out our blog, The Blue Plate Special: Food Serving Size to read all about it! 

Purple happens to be my favorite color.  I'm wearing a purple shirt as I write this blog!  Purple represents ambition, wealth, respect, and sophistication.  Back in the Roman times, purple was the color of royalty.  Since the ingredients for the color were so hard to obtain, only the best of the best, like kings and queens, wore purple garments.  A room painted purple can spark a child's creativity, renew an artist's creativity, and even relieve a migraine headache. 

Green is the color of nature and represents growth, money, and health.  Most hospitals paint their rooms green because it tends to give off a calming effect to relax patients.  Get this--during the Middle Ages, brides wore green to symbolize fertility.  But that was the middle ages!  Green is popular in the decorating world right now because it is the easiest color on the eye.  You know that saying, "Green with envy?"  Green also represents envy, jealously, inexperience, misfortune, and vigor. 

Yellow- Here comes the sun!  (do do do do)  The Beetles must have wrote that song in a yellow room!  Yellow represents warmth, laughter, and happiness.  It is the brightest color to the human eye which is why taxi cabs are painted such.  (From experience, it's not YOU finding a taxi cab; it's about a taxi cab finding YOU.  Next time I go to New York City, I'M wearing yellow!)  It energizes and alleviates depression.  A person in a yellow room feels optimistic because their brain releases more serotonin (the "happy" chemical in the brain.)  It also speeds up our metabolism and gets our creative juices going (Post-It notes are yellow!)  Yellow is also the sign of caution and is associated with frustration, anger, dishonesty, illness and babies tend to cry more in yellow rooms. 

Orange  is associated with ambition, creativity, determination, and enthusiasm.  It's a fun color that most young people love.  It is associated with healthy food and increases the craving for food.  What better color to paint a kitchen!  Orange is seen as a hot color, giving the sensation of heat. It also increases oxygen supply to the brain, stimulating mental activity. People who gravitate towards the color orange are known to be genuine and sincere. (Our online marketing manager says that it also means crazy.  She says she has a lot of orange in her wardrobe - hmmmm.)

Red is the prima donna of colors. It just screams, "LOOK AT ME!"  It is known for it's energy and excitement and even importance.  It boosts metabolism, increases respiration rate, and elevates blood pressure.  Too much red can be overwhelming in both a wardrobe and as a paint color so it is mainly used as an accent. Red is also a sign of danger, speed, aggression, fire, sin, and violence.  If you're looking to make a statement, red is a power color.  Savvy salespeople wear red.

Black is a strong, mysterious color that represents power and authority.  In the fashion world, black is loved because it is considered timeless and can make people appear thinner.  But just like the color red, it needs to used in moderation.  Too much black gives off the feeling of evil, sadness, unhappiness, and death.

The next time you buy a blouse or a can of paint, remember the special effects color has on us.  If you're trying to achieve a certain mood, scroll back up and choose wisely!

What would your walls say if they could talk?  Vote for your favorite color on our poll and comment to let us know why your favorite color happens to be your favorite!

Krysta W.

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  1. Nice article on colors.. Every color signifies some meaning and my favorite color is green.:-)