Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Easy Ways to Save Money - Shop Now, Save Big!

Every week our goal is to have one blog focused on money savings ideas.  FamilyWize helps others save money on prescription medicines, however, we also want to share ways on how to spend money wisely in other areas of your lives.

I love the end of season shopping.  Even though summer is barely half way through - now is the time to hit the stores for big money savings!

Last week I took my boys shopping for shoes and clothes.  Now keep in mind these boys are teenagers so it is all about name and style.  I needed some things as well so we headed down to the Lehigh Valley Mall to look around.  While I was in one store searching for work clothes, the boys were down at a shoe store looking for loafer style shoes for Florida.

save money sale coupons
Happy Shopping!

After looking through the clothing sale at The Limited, I found six pieces of clothing and spent only $84.  I was very proud of myself.  I went to Journey's where the boys were looking for shoes.  My eldest picked two pair of shoes.  Always teaching them the concept of money, I said I would pay for one and he would pay for the other.  He promptly replied, "But you're going to buy the more expensive ones, right?"  Which I did even though they were $85.

After shopping at a few more shops, we went to another department store because I had a few coupons, plus they had shoes on sale- 70% off.  After trying on many shoes, I settled on four pairs.  The total - $74.00.  Love it!

Stop -- Life Lesson on Tips to Save Money 

I used this opportunity to teach my boys life lesson on a few easy ways to save money.  This is what I call smart shopping.   By looking through fliers for shopping deals, purchasing items on sale, and using coupons, I was able to buy 10 items (clothes and shoes) versus my son's two pair of shoes!  Teaching my boys the value of money will take them much further in life than impulse buying or thinking "I just have to have it!" when it doesn't make sense to pay the prices.

You've said the words, "Help me save money."  At FamilyWize "cents-ability" pretty much defines what we do.  As a dollar wise person if you are looking for a great deal on shoes or clothing, now is the time to buy!  Here are a few other money saving tips to follow if you truly want to save:
  1. Make a list - don't go shopping unless you know what you need.  Many people do this for grocery shopping, but it is also important when buying clothes or shoes.  Although you can never have too many shoes, there is a limit on black or blue skirts.  Take an inventory and list only the items you need.
  2. Store coupons - Don't just shop because you have a coupon you could be spending more based on requirements.  But if you have a need and there are sales, your coupon can save a lot of money.  You can also print coupons for shopping deals on line. Exclusions do apply, so check your coupon first.
  3. Online shopping - if you spend time on the web, internet shopping is huge.  Sites offer special promotions, coupons, and special sales that you won't find in stores.
The options are endless, but the point is shopping during the end of season sales to me is one of the best ways to find great savings!

Let us know what you do to save money while shopping for clothes and shoes!

Donna Cornelius
Online Marketing Manager

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