Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This Autumn, Don’t Fall Down on Your Fitness!

Okay, just one more pun, then we’ll get down to serious business; don't "leaf" your fitness behind, or your behind will show it!

There.  That’s out of the way.

But seriously, it would be a shame to let the benefits you got from your summer’s fit-living lifestyle go bye-bye, right?


But, how do you keep on track with health goals when the weather dampens your will to get fit? When your routine is tied to fair weather, like biking, running, walking, tennis, or other great summertime exercises, how do you not lose your mojo and, as a result, lose your muscle tone or aerobic fitness?

The trick is to get into the Autumn spirit and – one more pun, sorry – “Fall” into a new fitness plan, one that keeps your heart healthy, builds bone and muscle strength but doesn’t rely on good weather.

Flab-fighting Fall Fitness Tips

Here are four fun exercise tips to help you keep up an active lifestyle all through the changing weather that Fall brings. 
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Health goals don't have to suffer.
Maintain an active lifestyle in cool


Tip #1:  Ex-foli-age! 

Sure, being outside when the weather requires you to bundle up is a bit of a hassle.  But make it fun by celebrating the weather change; when the leaves begin to fall, what better time could there be to enjoy scenic local parks, especially those that are known for their Fall foliage. Walking, jogging, tossing a ball around, even raking leaves are ways to get exercise during cooler weather and "shed" those extra inches.

Tip #2:  Take a walk on the mall side!

Let’s say you’ve been going to town with a summer walking routine, but bundling up for cold weather just doesn’t trip your trigger. No worries. Head to the local mall with your walking buddies. Many malls open a couple of hours before the stores open, or stay open an hour or two after stores close. It's a perfect time to take a brisk walk at the mall by yourself or with a friend because the food court isn't open.

A family trip to a museum is a great way to add walking for yourself and your family. Many museums have free or discounted admission days.You’ll not only be burning calories but building memories.

Tip #3:  Gettin’ gymy with it – gym methods that work! 

The gym is the first refuge of the foul weather exerciser.  However, Medical News Today reveals a discouraging bit of news. Even though record numbers of people sign up at fitness clubs for gym memberships, 80 percent of them go unused.

Big fitness center plans often fizzle out because machine training routines become monotonous and there's a lack of camaraderie – someone to share the experience with. So then, the trick is to make your gym club workout enjoyable.  But how?  Here are a few ideas:
  • Join a bud – finding a friend to share your gym routine and, at the same time, an invigorating conversation with can make a tedious workout fly by with ease. 
  • Set workout improvement goals – even if you’re working out alone, the easiest way to get past the hamster-wheel doldrums of a machine workout is to make the machines work for you. Set goals by using the stepper’s or treadmill’s data readouts to map your progress toward a goal.
  •  Join a class – If you’re not sure about certain kinds of gym equipment or sports, sign up for a class.  Most gyms have fitness classes or sports leagues designed to bring people of like interests together.
  • Make it a family affair – Some fitness centers encourage families to work out together with family oriented fitness classes. Fitness clubs with an indoor pool usually have family swim times, letting your kids continue to have fun in the water no matter how bad the weather is outside. 
  •  Go long for big weight loss –  It's true that any workout is better than no workout at all. But if your goal is to lose weight, remember that your body keeps burning calories long after your workout is over. This is especially true with weight-bearing exercises. According to a USA Today article, a 45-minute workout can keep you burning calories for hours after a workout. 


Tip #4:  Get “eventual” 

Events are big in the Fall, and they can turn a routine summer workout into a special and memorable Autumn event. Sign up for a cancer run or walk in your area. You'll be helping your body and supporting cancer research.

There are other events that will make you forget the temperature such as the Run For Your Lives 5K Zombie obstacle courses running from October through December. The obstacle includes actors dressed as zombies who try to “tag” you as you try to get to the finish line before being tagged out.  At a time like that, the weather will be the last thing on your mind!

Try a Color Run to liven up your running experience. Beginning in October and "running" through next year, they are coming to a city near you. Experience level doesn't matter. The run is for beginners and novices alike and money is raised for a local charity in each city.

But use good sense…

Exercise is fun but you want to be safe. Make sure you’re up to the challenge of these fun Fall workouts by seeing your doctor for a physical and health assessment.Then, with his or her blessings, fall into fun this Fall as you stay in shape.

Ric Moxley
Contributing Writer 

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