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Tricks for Treats

Halloween is always a fun and favorite time of the year for kids. They get to dress-up and be someone else for the day plus this is the one day that candy is considered okay. Pretty much all the rules are thrown out the window and kids can really be kids with no worries. Even though there aren't many rules to follow here are some ideas that may help to have a safe and unforgettable Halloween.

Trick or Treating Tips

When my girls were younger I would always wonder when were the best trick or treating times? Daylight savings not changing until November 4th makes it nice for young children. This way kids can get started early and finish up while it's still light out. Speaking as a parent and a teacher, nothing is worse then sending your child to school the next morning after a long night of trick or treating. Plus, the earlier you go the better chances you have that no one will run out of candy!

Usually you can cover two or three blocks in a couple of hours and be done. Starting earlier with young kids also gets them out before older kids come out with scarier costumes. This is a consideration if you have a child that is easily frightened. 

Halloween Events in your Community

Many communities have alternative activities for Halloween if you don't want to do traditional trick or treating. In our community we have a Halloween party at the high school that all the kids love. It is a safe environment and the kids play fun Halloween games in exchange for candy. There is also a costume contest and plenty of food and beverages. You can Google your city, town or county plus community Halloween parties to find the perfect Halloween event.

Halloween Parties

Throwing a Halloween party is always a good way to keep your kids safe and close. If you are a parent who loves to organize and throw parties this may be a great tradition to start with your kids. There are plenty of great ideas that can make your party a success and it will keep your kids and their friends entertained for years.

Fun Halloween Party Food

Kiwi Frankenstein
Cauldrons filled with goodies
Banana Ghosts
String Cheese Ghosts
Mummy Hot dogs
Zombie Fingernails and blood (Slivered almonds and ketchup)

Spooktacular Halloween Decorations

You can make inexpensive easy Halloween crafts.

trick or treating
Milk Carton Ghosts
All you need is a little imagination, construction paper, markers, and a lot of pumpkins. 

Start by finding some free cut out patterns of bats, pumpkins, ghosts, and witches. Next have your children trace and cut out the Halloween figures. 

Color and hang up all over the house with fishing line.  

You can add streamers, webs, lights and place carved and non carved pumpkins throughout the house to add that extra Halloween feel. 

If your carved pumpkins are in a low place for little fingers to touch make sure you use battery operated tea lights for inside the pumpkins rather than candles to keep your kids and house safe.

Halloween Extras

There are a lot of different Halloween extras that can be found on the Internet that can take a lot of time so I have done all the searching for you and compiled the best of the best to make your Halloween Holiday out of this world. Just click on each idea and it will take you to the page on how to make it or play it. 

Top 5 Easiest Halloween Snacks

Fun and creative Halloween food ideas

Fruit Bat Kabobs

halloween event
Ghoulish Halloween Drinks
from bettycrocker.com/recipes

Witches Brew
fun Halloween games
Fun Halloween Desserts
(Photo credit http://www.sunset.com/

Creepy Dessert Recipes

Free Halloween Print Outs & Game Ideas For Kids


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