Friday, November 9, 2012

FamilyWize Joins United Way at College Prep Fair

Over the weekend of October 6 and 7, FamilyWize joined our friends at the United Way of New York City at the New Futuro 2012 Brighter Futures College Prep Fair for Latino Students and Families, the largest free college prep fair for Latinos. New Futuro is an organization that works with the Hispanic community to help students get into college and achieve their career goals by offering free bilingual support and resources to students and their families.

costs of college
FamilyWize attends New Futuro 2012 college prep fair.

Students and their families were invited from all over New York City to attend the college fair, which was held at Lehman College in the Bronx, and learn how to prepare and pay for college. Students had the chance to meet with hundreds of college representatives and community groups, attend workshops, and win scholarships.

With the help of our amazing volunteers, Joyce Klemperer and Marta Nunez, we were able to talk with hundreds of New Yorkers of all ages who didn’t know about the FamilyWize card. They were all excited to learn that help was available, once they got over their initial disbelief that it was too good to be true! Every dollar saved counts, especially when you are saving for college. We were all thrilled to be able to give out the discount cards and help these students save for their future.

United Way
Students learning ways to save for the costs of college.

We believe that it’s never too early to start thinking about the costs of college or saving money, so we were delighted to meet the students from Mosaic Preparatory Academy. This group of 2nd to 5th graders spent their Saturday morning at the fair picking up tips on how to start getting ready for college. When they stopped by our table to pick up some FamilyWize prescription drug cards they really impressed us with their dedication to their futures. We sent them home with cards and FamilyWize reusable shopping bags. 

costs of college
Young people attend New Futuro 2012 college prep fair
to prepare for the future with the help of
FamilyWize prescription drug cards.

We want to thank the United Way of New York City and New Futuro for inviting us to such a wonderful event and we wish the best of luck to all of the students we met!

Nora O'Brien
FamilyWize Staff member and Contributing Writer

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