Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Homemade Cleaning Products to Save Money

vinegar to clean
Remove stains with homemade cleaning products.
Cleaning products can get very expensive and there seems to be a costly product for every little cleaning project you have. The cleaning industry has been pushing products for years and every year there seems to be a new cleaning product that works better than the last. They have brainwashed all of us into thinking we need a different cleaning product for every little germ that we come across in our house or work place!

Why waste all that money on 20 different cleaning products when you can make your own and only have a few bottles in the cupboard that take up less space? It makes more sense to me to de-clutter your cabinet with unwanted cleaning products and save money at the same time. Not to mention you will have fewer irritating fumes and harsh chemicals roaming through your house.

I put together a list of alternative cleaning solutions that you can use to make your own household products. Most of the products come straight from your cupboard and can be used everyday for homemade cleaning. If you are wondering how to get stains out or get rid or those pesky tub rings all of these household products will do the trick. I have added a link for each product that tells you its best use.
cleaning products
Buy bulk to save money.

  • Baking Soda - Baking soda can be used in so many different ways and it is very cheap to use. From making homemade car wash soap to getting coffee and tea rings out of cups this will be the cleaning product that you will use the most.
  • White Vinegar - White Vinegar is very mild and acidic; it dissolves dirt, soap scum, and hard water deposits on smooth surfaces. A lot of people are starting to use vinegar to clean and its popularity is growing. It is also a natural deodorizer and absorbs those pesky animal odors you may have in your house. What I love is that it also removes crayon stains and it is still gentle enough to clean my hardwood floors when I make a solution with it.
  • Bleach - Bleach is a little more harsh than some other cleaning products but is also the cheapest and disinfects the best. It is a popular homemade cleaner and it is the most common in many households. You don't have to use much to conquer your hardest cleaning project. Use it in small doses and be careful not to wear new clothes while cleaning with it or they may become a little whiter than expected!
  • Borax -  Borax has been around for years to remove stains. It was first discovered in 1872 and has been going strong ever since. It is most commonly known to be used for your laundry and gets tough stains out, but it does so much more. I have even used it to make slime for my preschool. The kids LOVE it and they have so much fun with it.
  • how to get stains out
    The cleaner that never gives up
    and gets touch stains out.
  • Alcohol - Alcohol is most commonly used as a degreaser and it is great for cleaning windows. It cuts through all the grease and grime without leaving a heavy residue. There are different kinds of alcohol but the most common is rubbing alcohol. It usually contains a 70% solution of isopropyl alcohol and water. This is a high number and should always be used with caution, especially around children. When it isn't in use make sure it is out of the reach of children and stored in a well ventilated area.
  • Ammonia - Ammonia is most commonly used for cleaning windows and fighting soap scum. It can also be used for cleaning out drains and removing soot from fireplaces. Ammonia is a very strong smelling cleaning agent and needs to be used in a well ventilated area.
And remember, when using household products for cleaning, be very careful to read the labels for safety instructions. Be sure to never mix bleach and ammonia together because it can release toxic vapors. Even cleaning one area with bleach and a different one with ammonia can cause the vapors to mix, so don't use them in the same room together. Make sure any room where either product is used is well ventilated.

Here are also some last minute Cleaning recipes that you won't want to pass up. Happy cleaning and I hope these tips put a little extra buck in your pocket and keep your cleaning closet a little more organized.

Marci Psalmonds
Contributing Writer

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