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Wacky January Holidays

OK, so we all know that January 1st is the big holiday that brings us all a new beginning for a new year.  Many of us will celebrate with family, friends and loved ones to say goodbye to the old year and bring in the New Year with a bang. 

Hot Tea Month
New York City's Times Square is alive with excitement
on New Year's Eve.
New York City's celebration in Times Square, where people gather to watch the big ball drop at midnight, has been a New Year's tradition since December 31, 1907, and is attended by thousands of people every year.  

Many of you will be making New Year’s resolutions that some of us end up breaking after a few short weeks. However, there are some of you that will be diligent and honor those resolutions, and to those that do, I salute you! I am not a “Resolution Maker” and never have been. I guess I realize that I would be one of those that would fail after a short time, so I just avoid the failure all together.

Did you know that there is a day designated in January as Ditch your Resolution Day?  On January 17th, if you are so inclined, you can give up your New Year’s Resolutions without guilt! This day is set aside for just that purpose. So go ahead and dump your resolutions without the guilt!

There are lesser known holidays in the month of January that might just slip by you. For instance,  January 3rd was the Festival of Sleep Day.  Did you sleep in late, go back to bed after breakfast (that is unless you have to go to work) or take an afternoon nap? You are allowed on this little known January 3rd holiday. If you missed it, keep it in mind for next year.
The month of January is also designated as Hot Tea Month. Now this is a celebration I can get into. There is nothing more soothing that a cup of hot tea on a cold afternoon. I am a big Hot Tea drinker. I try to drink at least three cups of hot green tea daily. It is really good for you and is high in antioxidants. I was actually not aware of Hot Tea Month until I researched wacky January holidays. I am glad that it is and I plan to celebrate. There is absolutely nothing better when the weather is frigid outside than a nice cup of hot tea! What is your favorite tea?
Celebrate Hot Tea Month and
Bubble Bath Day during cold
Another fun January holiday comes on January 8th.  It is classified as Bubble Bath Day! Bubble baths are so relaxing and fun. Take some time to unwind and fill the tub with nice hot water and lots and lots of bubbles! Best of all this is a day that can be fun for both kids and adults alike. Just fill your kids' tub with lots of bubbles and toys and they will turn into prunes! For the adults it is very soothing and relaxing. It is a great way to unwind after a long hard work day. Light some candles, put on some soft music and lie back and relax! Oh, and don’t forget your Rubber Duckie!
If you are a “doubting Thomas” January 13th is your day! This is the International Skeptics Day.   Perhaps the earth isn't really round!? Maybe, the sky isn't truly blue!? Does he(she) really love me!? ........These are the words and questions of the classical skeptic. You can go ahead and doubt anything you hear. Feel free to express your doubts on this day and don’t feel guilty about it. If you are inclined to doubt things that you see or hear, then International Skeptics Day is for you!  

Don’t despair though as this is also celebrated on October 13th and on the first Friday the thirteenth of the year! So don't be skeptical about your options to observe International Skeptics Day.
National Popcorn Day
National Popcorn Day is a family favorite!
One of my favorite lesser known holidays is January 19th which is set aside as National Popcorn Day! Now, I LOVE popcorn. I could eat popcorn for breakfast, lunch and dinner and then still enjoy an evening snack! I just don’t get tired of Popcorn. It is really an addicting food, but it's pretty healthy as snacks go too, unless you bury it in butter! Try a little cinnamon on your popcorn.  Pretty good stuff. Get creative and add your own toppings! On National Popcorn Day, I suggest you pop up some fresh popcorn, kick back and enjoy!

I think the last one I would like to make you aware of is Compliment Day which is January 24th.  This is a great day to say something nice about everyone you come in contact with.  Even if you have difficulties with someone, try to turn it around on them and pay them a compliment.  I think you will be amazed at how their attitude changes. Remember the saying, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all?"  Well, on January 24th make sure you say something nice! If you miss it in January, you get another chance on March 1. 

Celebrate throughout the whole month of January. Pick your holiday and have a great time. Happy New Year and enjoy those Wacky January Holidays! They will go by in a hurry!

Cindy Foley
Contributing Writer

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