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Valentine's Day

February holiday
Who is St. Valentine?
Have you ever wondered why we celebrate Valentine's Day or what the actual history of St.Valentines is?  Sure we all know what it stands for but how did it become such a popular day to celebrate and who is Saint Valentine? It must be a pretty special February holiday if over 2.2 million couples pick this day for their wedding day. St. Valentine's Day has a very interesting story and, after researching the origin of Valentine's Day, I found out some pretty interesting facts on Valentines's Day that I would like to share.

Valentine's Day was actually created after a person and not a certain day. The St. of Valentine's day was a real person, named Saint ValentineValentine's Day facts show that there were actually more than one St. Valentine. While there are a few stories surrounding the origin of St. Valentine, the most common says that Emperor Claudius II outlawed marriages for young men because he thought that single men made better soldiers. This is when Valentine, a Roman Priest, stepped in so that marriage would not end. He actually kept marrying the young lovers behind the Emperors back. Once the Emperor found out, he threw Valentine into prison and he was eventually executed. While Valentine was in prison he actually fell in love with the jailer's daughter and wrote her love letters that he signed "From Your Valentine."  So Valentine's Day is more about what you would do for love rather than what you should do when you have it. Valentine was such a hopeless romantic that he didn't care about the consequences that he may encounter if he disobeyed the Emperor. All he wanted was for everyone to be happy and in love.  
Now that you have read a little Valentine trivia and know the true meaning of Valentine's Day, do something that you haven't done in the past. Instead of spoiling your loved ones with flowers, candies and cards, try thinking of something that will really make them happy and feel loved. My husband is good at this and every year for Valentine's Day I do get flowers but not the kind you are thinking of. Instead of a dozen roses that die after a week, he actually buys me a dozen rose bushes. He plants them in our backyard every year and every time I go outside it reminds me of him and how creative and thoughtful he is. Now a dozen rose bushes can get a little pricey and some may be thinking that is a little much. So why not start with one rose bush? Over the spring and summer months your rose bush will create at least 12 roses so you will have surpassed the dozen roses in no time and you will have it year after year.  

5 Valentine Day projects
Valentine Days Crafts
will be cherished year round.
There are a lot of things to do on Valentine's Day like going to the movies or going out to eat.  There are also a lot of creative gifts and fun Valentines out there that are clever and inexpensive.  It will just take  a little creativity to find the best Valentine gift that suits your loved ones.  I have two favorite Valentine's Day crafts that are inexpensive practical that anyone would love.
  • Homemade Coupon Book -- Make a coupon book filled with love. I have received coupon books from my kids many times and I LOVE them. When they were younger the coupons were.... Make your bed, dust, wash the car, do the dishes, help with dinner and so on. Now that they are older the coupons have gotten much better.... Pedicure, manicure, 5, 7, or 10 minute neck massage, pay for own gas, make dinner, breakfast in bed, clean the bathrooms, and do laundry. Now if you are making it for your husband or wife I am sure you can come up with some good ones that we don't need to know about. ;)
  • Why I Love You Book --  If you have been with your loved one for many years this is a great gift.  Make a homemade book and on the outside you have it say "___ Reasons I Love You."  So the number you put in is the number of years you have been married. You could even make this on your first year and add a page every year. By your 50th Wedding Anniversary this would be something that you can share with the whole family.
Valentine crafts for children are so much fun and they really enjoy making them.  Anything from a child is cherished no matter how much it cost or what it looks like. The best gifts usually include a hand print picture, or a home made drawing. Making simple Valentines crafts will also help your child stay away from all the sweets that are out there during this time of year. There are a lot of cute Valentines cards, Valentine cupcakes, and Valentine crafts that you can make with your children. Below you will find my top 5 Valentine Day projects that I have done over the years in my preschool. hey are easy and very inexpensive.

Valentine's Day
Crafts for Valentine's Day that mean so much.
  1. Photo Key Chain - You can find a photo key chain almost anywhere for under $2.00. All craft stores have them too. Take a picture for one side of the key chain and then have your child draw a picture of themselves for the other side. Very cute idea and makes it personal when they draw on it.
  2. Homemade Love Flower  - Trace your child's hand and add a pipe cleaner, wooden dowel, or a Popsicle stick for the stem. Make leaves in the shape of a heart and write why you love that special person. Your child can color it or add some glitter to give it that special touch.
  3. Hand print Tile - Find an old left over tile and have your child put their hand print on it. Put a special saying or just I Love You. The tile can be used as a pot holder on the counter. A very easy and clever idea.  
  4. Thumb print Card - This is one of the easiest and one of my favorites. Make a person from your child's thumbprint and write on the card "Thumb-body loves you."  This craft for Valentine's Day is very easy and it will be kept close to the heart year after year.
  5. Heart Book Marker - Make a heart for your child from thick paper or cardboard. Next have them decorate it with crayons, markers, glitter, or stickers. Next turn it over and write a special poem about Valentine's Day. Add some yarn and you have an instant book marker.
Valentine's Day
There are free crafts available if you are trying to save a little money by making homemade Valentines for your child's classmates. It will take time but you will save money. Plus you will have fun with your child and the memories will never be forgotten.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Marci Psalmonds
Contributing Writer

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