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Not Too Late: Go Rescue Mother’s Day!

Doh!  You’ve forgotten about, or put off preparing for, Mother’s Day, and now it’s too late to get good restaurant reservations; too late to order some great gift online in time for delivery; too late to put together a big family event to celebrate.  Don’t give up – all is not lost. 

Mother and daughter

Five last-minute Mother’s Day rescue solutions

There’s still time to create a memorable (yes, in a positive way) celebration of that special mom in your life, if you take immediate action with one or some of these:

Mother’s Day Solution #1 – Remember why you’re celebrating 

The number-one priority of Mother’s Day is to honor the important mothers in your life – to make sure she understands that she is loved and respected for the love and effort she makes to fulfill her role as a mom 365 days a year.  You know your wife better than anyone else.  Or, if you’re the offspring, you know your mom better than just about anyone.  So, use the time remaining between now and the big day to apply what you know about Mom to make her feel truly special.  With that in mind:
  • Make it about her. It’s tempting to make the day about the kids and what you can get them to do for her, or to make it a big family day.  While those are nice add-ons, the happiest mothers are going to be those who sense that the day is really about them, above all else. 
  • Make it personal.  Think about her favorite past times, her favorite colors, her favorite memories, or people.  Apply that to your effort.  Nothing says love less successfully than, for example, the gift of flowers to the mom who is allergic to flowers, the gift of a family trip to your parents’ home when you know that she doesn't feel comfortable around them, the gift of pancakes for the mom on a low-carb diet, or the gift of cleaning up the celebration mess you and the kids created.

Mother’s Day Solution #2 – Dads, take charge!

Dad’s, you want a happy mom, right?  Then don’t assume that the tykes, tweens, teens, adult kids, or relatives are going to remember or make a sufficient effort.  As the loving husband, it’s time to find your inner project manager; to take charge of the big day and rally the troops. 

Spearhead the effort by contacting and working with all those who should be remembering what a great mom that mom is.  Make sure the effort is well-rounded and Mom will feel special and honored.

Mother’s Day Solution #3 – Involve the little ones

While Mother’s Day is about mom, the personal effort of the youngest members of the family not only makes mom feel loved by the ones that take the most of her time and attention, but trains the children to be less self-focused; to think of others.  Even if you have less than 24 hours to pull something together, a little time and effort with the little ones can make a big difference on Mother’s Day:
Breakfast in bed
  • Don’t forget that classic: breakfast in bed. Even if you’ve forgotten about the big day until you wake up, sneak out to get a few groceries and then awaken the little ones to work with you on it.  Don’t forget a bouquet of flowers to brighten that breakfast.
  • Have the children make hand-colored gift certificates for mom.  Help with the wording if they are very young.  The gift certificates should be things that the children can do for her.  Example: This gift certificate may be redeemed for a back massage, a back scratch, an hour of quiet time, a cup of tea, vacuuming or dusting of the house, etc.

Mother’s Day Solution #4 –  Surprise her with thoughtful teen responses

If you are a teenager, you can make your mom the happiest mom in the world by doing something personal and special for her.  Yes, of course you may be angry at, or annoyed with, her about something, or would rather be out with your friends.  But your mom knows this, and that’s why you are uniquely in a position to make the day special for her; because any effort at all – a card, a letter, a walk, a back rub, a phone call – is going to mean the world to her.  Do it.  Remember: you wouldn't even exist if not for her. 

Mother’s Day Solution #5 – Shorten the distance

Sure, your own wife or your own mother should be your top consideration.  But consider all the moms in your life that deserve to feel appreciated.  Make their day special too. 

Don’t forget about sisters-in-law, your adult sisters, your mom, your grandmother, your close friends.  The effort can be quite simple.  A gift card with a personal message is special.  Even better: Pick up the phone to say hello and thanks for being a mom.  Don’t let guilt for being out of touch prevent you from making the effort – any act of remembrance is better than none, and will likely be appreciated.

Child with mother's day cardDo it.

Yes, time may be short, but any effort is better than an empty apology because you forgot – which she will equate to her motherhood being forgotten, unappreciated. 

And remember: A small effort that is perfectly suited to her is better than a lavish expenditure that could fit any mom. 

Now stop reading and go – make her feel special for all that she is and all that she has done.  Go.  Time’s a’wastin’.

Ric Moxley
Contributing Writer

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