Monday, April 7, 2014

Work-Life Enrichment Month

Celebrated during the month of April, Work-Life Enrichment Month is significant in drawing attention to the importance of work-life balance.  Whether you work in an office, out in the field, or from your own home, work-life balance is difficult to attain. Yet, by developing a plan, setting up boundaries, and being aware of the harmful effects of imbalance, you are taking crucial steps in maintaining your family’s happiness.

Why is work-life balance important?

Studies show that work can improve your home life and your home environment can improve your work life. Failure to maintain this delicate balance may result in:

Loss of productivity at work.
Lack of interest in activities or hobbies.

What are the signs of burnout?

1. Physical signs: Frequent fatigue, headaches, and change in appetite or sleep patterns.
2. Emotional signs: Include an overall negative feeling about your situation, your life, or your job. Detaching from others, loss of motivation, and feeling defeated in general.
3. Behavioral indicators: Isolating yourself from others, missing work or school, or using a crutch such as food, drugs, or alcohol to cope are all signs of burnout.

For more information on burnout, visit this site.

How can you find work-life balance?

Set limits. Even if your work life is demanding, don’t allow it to take over your entire life.
Make time with family and friends. Place importance on relationships and connecting with those around you.
Spend time engaged in activities you enjoy. As with many work-life balance tips, this one in particular helps recharge your batteries.
Exercise regularly and get adequate sleep. In addition to being a great stress reliever, exercise helps you keep different aspects of your life in perspective. Sleep is necessary with managing stress and maintaining overall good health.

Benefits of work-life balance:

Maintaining a healthy balance helps support, improve, and enrich your life.
Good work-life balance helps increase your productivity, creativity, effort, leadership, and overall contentment at work.
Individuals with healthy work-life balance report having fun at work.
Those who maintain balance realize better relationships with family members and friends.
May result in lower stress levels and overall better health.

What factors can interfere with work-life balance?

A demanding job.
The ability to telecommute or have access to information regarding work from home.
Working weekends and/or nights, when family members are typically home.
Lack of vacation or free time.
A constant tie to digital equipment and information.

For more work-life balance tips, visit The Mayo Clinic.

Are your work and life in balance? Check out this quiz at and see how you score.

Life is demanding, regardless of your job, your family situation, or any other factor. Yet, maintaining work-life balance is crucial to leading a healthy, happy life, for both you and your entire family.

How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance? Feel free to share tips that have worked for you.

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  1. Well said, one has maintain a balance between the time devoted to work and time devoted to other activities like hobbies and to family for a happy life.