Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Celebrate National Dog Day!

August 26th is recognized as National Dog Day. This special day acknowledges the importance family dogs have in our lives and recognizes working dogs that protect and serve on a daily basis. Celebrated since 2004, National Dog Day is also known as International Dog Day and Dog Appreciation Day.

What is National Dog Day?

Recognizes the special role family dogs play.
Acknowledges working dogs of all kinds – search and rescue, K-9 law enforcement partners, service dogs, therapy dogs, and more.
Encourages adoption over purchasing. If purchasing, promotes reputable breeders over pet stores, backyard breeders, or puppy mills.

How can you participate in National Dog Day?

Donate to your local shelter or a rescue organization of your choice.
Adopt a furry friend who needs a home. Check out www.humanesociety.org for a list of shelters in your area.
Organize an event, and encourage attendees to bring their dogs.
Educate others regarding the importance of rescuing animals and respecting pets.
Volunteer with your family at a local shelter. This is a great family activity to do on an ongoing basis.
Treat your own dog to a new toy or special treat.

How do you know if/when adopting a dog is right for your family?

1. Consider the ages of your children. Ask yourself if your children are old enough to share in the responsibility of a pet and/or if they can tolerate the activity and behavior of a dog.
2. Evaluate your family’s lifestyle. How much time do you have for a pet? Are you a young, active family? Or, are you a retiree who desires more of a companion?
3. Recognize the financial commitment. Aside from any initial adoption fee, you’ll want to consider ongoing costs for veterinary care, food, training, and pet supplies.

What are the benefits of owning a dog?

According to helpguide.org, dogs can offer you many benefits on a daily basis, including:

1. A pet can help you make healthy lifestyle choices. Activities such as walking a dog or throwing a ball can increase your daily activity and encourage a healthier lifestyle.
2. A dog can help alleviate isolation and loneliness. Especially for individuals living alone, dogs can help reduce likeliness of depression.
3. A furry friend can help instill a sense of responsibility and routine in your life. This can be especially beneficial to children.

Where can you adopt a dog?

Local shelters.
Rescue groups, which may be breed specific but can also offer mixed breeds.
Friends/acquaintances.  Often, individuals find themselves giving up a dog due to a change in their lifestyle – living arrangement, new baby, or work, for instance. In some cases, you can find a great rescue through word-of-mouth.

What is the adoption process?

Application fee may be applicable.
Home visit to determine if your household meets the requirements and ensure you understand the specific needs of the dog.

Where can you learn more about National Dog Day?

Check out these websites for more information and great ideas to help celebrate this special day:


Be Wize & Be Healthy (that means you too, dogs!)

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