Monday, December 5, 2016

Can I Use the Free FamilyWize Prescription Savings Card if I’m Insured?

 The Free FamilyWize Prescription Savings Card and app is for everyone – period. Regardless of whether or not you have insurance, the card and app can help you save an average of 43% off the cost of prescriptions and ensure that you’re paying the lowest possible price.

We understand that it can be a bit confusing – shouldn’t your insurance coverage alone provide you with the best price? Unfortunately, the answer is no; insurance is not a guarantee that you’ll pay the lowest price.

To help ease any confusion, here are the key things you need to know about the Free FamilyWize Prescription Savings Card and app:
  • They help you to save an average of 43 percent on your prescriptions
  • They are free for everyone 
  • They can be used nationwide at more than 60,000 pharmacies, including national chains as well as local neighborhood pharmacies 
  • There is no registration process, activation, or restrictions for who can use them 
  • They have unlimited use, so show you can use them on every prescription and refill – but you have to show the card or the app every time 
  • Anyone can use your card or app – friends, family members, and even neighbors

What if I have insurance?

The discounts you get on prescription purchases with your FamilyWize card or app are the same for those with insurance as for those without – either way you pay our lowest available price. So why use it?
  1. You can save on prescription drugs that are excluded by your insurance plan or are not covered because you have exceeded your insurance plan's maximum limits.
  2. In some cases, the FamilyWize price is actually lower than your program's co-payment amount, so it’s always worth checking to compare the prices. 
  3. If your insurance plan does not offer you a drug card and you are reimbursed after each transaction, you may be able to use the FamilyWize card or app to lower your out-of-pocket expenses.

How can I start saving?

You can start saving today! Here’s how:
  • Download the FamilyWize app to your smart phone from Google Play or the Apple App Store — or, alternatively, print out the FamilyWize card.
  • When you go to the pharmacy, bring your prescription and your free FamilyWize card with you, or simply bring your smartphone if you downloaded the app. 
  • When you speak to your pharmacist, present your card or app and ask them for the best price.
To check for participating pharmacies and to comparison shop for the pharmacy with the highest discount, use our Drug Price Lookup Tool. That’s it! With FamilyWize you can rest assured that you’re always paying the lowest price.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Seasonal Affective Disorder: Beat the Wintertime Blues

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression related to the change in seasons – and it typically affects people the most during the winter season. It causes a loss of energy and moodiness, but it is treatable! This infographic has everything you need to know to prevent and treat seasonal depression.

If you are prescribed an antidepressant to help manage your Seasonal Affective Disorder, remember to always bring the Free FamilyWize Prescription Savings Card or app with you to save an average of 43% off the cost of your prescriptions.

Monday, November 21, 2016

FamilyWize Helps 10 Million Save a Billion!

When a FamilyWize user’s son from California first moved in with her, he was on a medication not covered by her insurance. To help manage the costs for the prescription, she used her Free FamilyWize Prescription Savings Card and the FamilyWize Drug Price Lookup Tool to enter the medication and dosage. She then “price shopped” for the nearest pharmacy with the lowest price.

The result: She saved more than $60!

“This truly helped us by keeping our costs down so we could afford the medication and make sure he was still getting the assistance he needed to keep him healthy.”

This story is inspiring but not uncommon because, as of this year, we have now helped more than ten million people save a total of more than one billion dollars on the costs of their prescription medications.

Here’s another great story: We heard from another FamilyWize user who, after losing his health insurance, went to his local pharmacist who processed his FamilyWize card with his prescription.

“My cost went from $180 to $37! Not only do I use the card for most prescriptions, I give the information to friends, family, and my patients. I cannot help but to share this information to anyone who does not have prescription coverage.”

And another loyal card user wrote us this after visiting her pharmacist; “When I asked what my cost would be I was told $129.00. WOW!!! I then handed them my FamilyWize card and asked them to please check now. The new cost with my FamilyWize card was $48.00. Thanks, FamilyWize!”

Many people are surprised when they learn that these discounts are possible without paying a dime for the FamilyWize card. But as these three customers testify, it’s true. The free FamilyWize card’s discounts on prescriptions is available to anyone from nationwide – uninsured, insured or underinsured. By simply printing the FamilyWize card online or downloading the app, then showing it at your pharmacy, you can get the lowest possible price on your prescriptions.

Over 60,000 pharmacies accept the FamilyWize card and app, including Walgreens, Kmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Costco, Walmart, Albertsons, and more! Do you have your own FamilyWize savings story to tell? If so, please share it with us because we always love hearing the good news!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Thanksgiving on a Budget

For most people, Thanksgiving is a holiday all about family and friends spending time together, and yes, eating. It’s typically a relaxing day, but that may not be the case when you consider the potential costs of the event. This year we want you to stay focused on what’s important, so we’re sharing five ways you can make sure your Thanksgiving is fun and festive without breaking the bank!

#1 – Cook from scratch

If you’ve got the time and the inclination, you can save big bucks by making your Thanksgiving meal from scratch rather than from prepared mixes or, even more costly, from already prepared foods.

Yes, cooking can be time-consuming, but enlist help! Get your kids or spouse involved in the food prep. Thanksgiving is a family affair, after all.

#2 ­— Don’t overestimate the serving size

Time for some honest evaluation: How often have you underestimated the amount of food you need to serve for Thanksgiving? Is the answer never? In truth, nearly everyone prepares way more Thanksgiving food than necessary to feed their guests. In fact, in some families it’s become a tradition to keep serving turkey for days after the holiday, while trying desperately to find new ways of dressing up the same dish. But this tradition can easily double or triple your Thanksgiving budget. Adjust your expectations, and prepare a fine feast without overdoing it.

One of the biggest budget killers is the turkey. To have enough for all without buying more than you need, plan on 1 pound per person. For example, a 20-pound turkey will comfortably satisfy 20 guests.

#3 – Potluck it

One of the best cost-saving strategies for Thanksgiving is to make it a potluck event. Task each attendee or family member with bringing a dish to share. Don’t be afraid to make category assignments, so you don’t accidentally end up with an entire meal of desserts or just appetizers. With this approach, everyone feels like a part of the meal and everyone shares in the cost.

#4 – Craft the decorations

Don’t run out to the store and buy overpriced holiday decorations – craft them instead! This is a great way to involve your kids in holiday prep – or make it a day-of project that involves all the invited kids. By handcrafting decorations, you can save a great deal of money while still making things look festive. Save even more by asking each attending family to bring an assigned decoration – one can bring the centerpiece, another the holiday candles, and so forth.

#5 – Enjoy some free fun

A great way to make Thanksgiving memorable without spending much money is to plan activities or games to provide memories beyond the meal itself. Just make sure to adjust the plan according to age groups and weather considerations. Here are some low-cost examples:
  • Sports-related activities, such as Frisbee toss, touch football, beanbag toss, tag, or a potato sack race.
  • Craft-related activities, such as drawing or coloring. 
  • Game-related activities, such as cards or board games. Or put out a jigsaw puzzle – a fun group activity that can be stopped for the meal and then picked up later. 
  • A talent show. Let your guests know well in advance to optionally plan on showcasing their talent —dance, poetry reading, singing, musical instrument, or whatever. Calling it a “show” instead of a “contest” will keep things friendly and fun.

Manage holiday cough-and-flu season costs

Unfortunately, November/December is not only a time for holidays, but also for the flu, colds, and other illnesses. We want you to stay healthy so that you don’t miss out on your celebrations, but sometimes you can’t avoid getting sick.

Don’t let your prescription costs get you down. Manage your budget by using the FamilyWize Prescription Savings Card or app, which are available to you for free, and can save you an average of 43% off the cost of your prescriptions. Learn more here and have a happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 7, 2016

How to Be Your Own Medical Advocate

In 2013, the Journal of Patient Safety reported that 210,000 deaths per year were associated with preventable harm in hospitals — that’s one-sixth of all U.S. deaths annually! This isn’t just limited to hospitals; routine visits with your doctor or pharmacist can also be the cause of preventable mistakes. To help protect yourself and your health, your best course of action is to be your own advocate for your medical care. The following tips will guide you in what you can do to receive safe and effective treatment.

#1 — Ask for that second opinion

If you don’t feel comfortable with your doctor or their diagnosis, you should seek out a second opinion. You may be worried that this is an insult to your doctor, but it’s not – they understand that you want a relationship with someone that you feel comfortable with. A second doctor may appeal more to your personality or needs, and their analysis may potentially lead to a different diagnosis or treatment option.

#2 — Consult with Dr. Google

Yes, the accuracy of medical information online varies. But, knowledge of your own health issue is critical to getting the help you need – so do your research. Ask your doctor for information about your condition and take notes. Back home, learn all you can about your doctor’s diagnosis or treatment plan. With a constant stream of new medical discoveries, it’s possible your doctor hasn’t yet heard about a new treatment option. If you have questions, write them down and follow up with your doctor – or a new doctor.

#3 — Advocate for the best prescription drug pricing

It’s often up to the patient to secure the lowest price on prescriptions. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if a more affordable option is available. Then use the free FamilyWize Prescription Savings Card to ensure that you always get the lowest price. Get the card or app, show it to your pharmacist, and receive an average of 43% savings on the cost of your prescriptions. You can also use the FamilyWize Drug Price Lookup Tool to comparison shop for the pharmacy with the best price for your particular prescription.

#4 — Consult with your pharmacist

Your pharmacist is an expert in medication, but they need to know your medical history and current medications so they can advise you regarding any contraindications. Adverse drug events (wrong drug, wrong dosage, etc.) can result in major health complications, so get your pharmacist on your team.

#5 — Don’t get a newbie for your surgery

It’s your right to ask your surgeon how many times they have performed your procedure. More experience usually equates to reduced risk. Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor about their background.

#6 — Consider hospital affiliation when you choose your primary care physician

Familiarizing yourself with the reputations of the hospitals in your region can save your life. Nearly all primary care physicians (PCP) are affiliated with a particular hospital. Research your options and their safety records and reports on quality of care, and consider choosing your doctor based on the hospital you feel most comfortable with. You’ll thank yourself if you end up in the hospital for any reason.

#7 – Get and read your medical records

Whenever you leave a visit with a doctor or healthcare provider, ask for copies of your visit notes and any x-rays or other scans you may have had. Having these in your possession allows you to research your situation and more easily seek out alternative opinions.

In short, no one can care for your health like you do. Be your own medical advocate: Ask questions, be observant, and do your research.