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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays from FamilyWize

Tis' the season for twinkling lights, homemade cookies galore and smell of pine and candy canes.
Giving the gift of a free FamilyWize card is
worth its weight in gold! 

It's also the season of giving.

Often times, we get so caught up in playing "keeping up" that we only focus on which new gadget we want to get our hands on or which pair of shoes we want in our closet.

In all that keeping up we catch ourselves playing, many of us forget about those who have no wants because they simply have needs.

For the last few weeks, there have been three boxes patiently sitting in the lobby of our office building. One is a receptacle for coats, one is for toys, and the other is for canned goods. All three boxes are symbols of what the holidays are all about- giving. This brings us to this:

This (and every) holiday season, how about giving on behalf of those who wish they could?

If you know someone who said "nothing" when you asked what gift they would like for Christmas, make a donation on their behalf to an organization they support and believe in. Instead of vegging out on the couch after indulging in eggnog and plum pudding, help serve dinner for the homeless at your local shelter. If Santa brings new toys, talk to your children and see if they would be willing to donate their old ones to a secondhand store so other boys and girls can make new memories with them.

If you want to make a big impact by giving something else, give someone a free FamilyWize card.  Often times, people who are given FamilyWize cards tell us that they felt like they were given gold. It's amazing that a little piece of paper can be so precious and valuable. The cards are accepted at over sixty thousand pharmacies and can cover pet medications too.

Leave a stack at the Laundromat. Drop a bunch off at your local foot pantry. Pin a couple to a community bulletin board. Keep a few in your wallet in case you come across someone who is having hard times. You can even attach them to gifts! No one should have to choose between paying for their rent or medicine. And who knows, by the simple action of giving someone a FamilyWize Prescription Discount Card, you might be able to help them stop choosing.  

Not only can our card help people save money over the holidays; they can save all year long. When you give your friends, family, or even acquaintances a card, you are keeping them healthy by allowing them to adhere to the directions on their medication.

To all of the participating pharmacies, United Ways and other organizations we proudly partner with as well as those individuals who assist in getting cards in the hands of people in need-  as the great Bing Crosby sang-  may your days be merry and bright!

Krysta Weiss
Contributing Writer

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Unexpected Savings at Roosevelt Field Mall

There is no greater feeling than going to the mall, walking to your favorite store, and seeing a big sign offering discounts of up to 75% off on all of your most-desired items. For three days, FamilyWize provided this feeling to over 1,000 Roosevelt Field Mall shoppers in Long Island, NY.
Sharon Galzarano RPh in front of FamilyWize info center
Sharon Galzarano, RPh., in front of the FamilyWize information center
at Roosevelt Field Mall, Long Island, NY. 

For many people, though, prescription medications are much more important than buying a pair of jeans. While it’s okay to wear the same pair of jeans until you can afford another, this is not the case for medications. Several studies have shown that many people skip filling prescriptions in order to save money, and this has a long-term effect on one’s health and is actually more costly in the long run. How much more costly? One Health Affairs study published in 2011 claims that for every dollar spent on high blood pressure medication, for example, a patient will save an additional $10 on future hospitalizations, tests, or operations. In other words, by taking all medications correctly now, a patient will have a greater chance of avoiding expensive procedures in the future.

On October 19, 20 and 21, the FamilyWize marketing team distributed 1,800 prescription discount cards to mall shoppers. We also gave out Script Your Future wallet medicine reminder cards, pillboxes, reusable grocery bags, and Halloween glow sticks. 
FamilyWize giveaways at Roosevelt Field Mall
Among other things, our giveaways included the
NCL's wallet medicine reminder cards.

Most importantly, we offered visitors the opportunity to “Ask the Pharmacist,” Sharon Galzarano, RPh, questions about health and medications. We spoke to 232 of these visitors in greater detail, and here’s what we learned from them over the three days:

  • 67% are personally concerned or impacted by the cost of prescription drugs;
  • An additional 10%, while not personally impacted, have family members or friends without adequate prescription coverage;
  • Several visitors admitted to regularly skipping doses or re-filling prescriptions to save money;
  • Most visitors were extremely impressed with the wallet medicine reminder cards provided by the National Consumers League;
  • 100% of children really, really love glow sticks!
Nora speaks to a visitor about FamilyWize card
Nora speaks to a visitor about the benefits of the FamilyWize card and the
other tools we provide to increase wellness.  
We are extremely happy to have been able to celebrate National Pharmacists Month at Roosevelt Field Mall and to promote the message that the FamilyWize prescription discount card is not only a unique cost-savings tool, but also one of many tools to improve one’s overall well being.

Aura Mastraghin
FamiliyWize Marketing Team Member and Contributing Writer


Friday, October 5, 2012

Walking for a cause: the unaBridged story

Last weekend, the FamilyWize marketing team had the opportunity to travel to the Brooklyn Bridge to participate in United Way of New York City’s LIVE UNITED Bridge Walk & Festival. According to United Way of NYC, every year “the LIVE UNITED Bridge Walk brings together thousands of individuals and teams from all sectors to raise awareness of the need to "bridge" critical gaps in educational achievement, income stability and access to healthy food for low-income New Yorkers.” During the event, thousands of participants walked across the Brooklyn Bridge before settling in Cadman Plaza for outdoor activities and the opportunity to receive valuable information from dozens of nonprofit organizations.

A view of Cadman Plaza during the LIVE UNITED Bridge Walk & Festival
A view of Cadman Plaza during the LIVE UNITED Bridge Walk & Festival

Here’s a fun fact about the bridge: when it was completed and opened for use in 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge was the largest suspension bridge in the world, and the only land passage between Manhattan and Brooklyn! Since then, the Brooklyn Bridge was designated a National Historical Landmark, which makes it a perfect location for events that emphasize cultural and economic diversity and increase awareness for topics such as health, income, and education.

the FamilyWize marketing team speaks to a walker about our card
Nora and Holly speak to a walker about the FamilyWize card
The United Way of New York City volunteers did a great job entertaining walkers of all ages in Cadman Plaza by providing balloons and games for the kids, and informational materials for the adults. At the FamilyWize table in the Health Pavilion, we were happy to be able to give out prescription discount cards that people could use right away. The most common reaction we got after explaining the benefits of the card was disbelief, to which we replied, several times in one conversation, “Yes, really.”

Even dogs got to wear the LIVE UNITED t-shirts
Even four-legged friends enjoyed the LIVE UNITED t-shirts

The Bridge Walk was also a great reminder that nature can be just as engaging as technology, but significantly more fulfilling. We saw people in Cadman Plaza of all different ages walking, running and playing with one another. At more than one point throughout the morning, the plaza was flooded with walkers in LIVE UNITED t-shirts, some of them even four-legged!

Overall, our team gave out hundreds of cards to New Yorkers who struggle to afford their prescription medications, and we are thankful to the United Way of New York City for inviting us to this event. Regardless of walking for a cause, walking to work or walking for fun, this activity greatly contributes to a healthier lifestyle at absolutely no cost – kind of like using the FamilyWize card! And, if you’re ever in New York, the Brooklyn Bridge offers 5,988 feet of pure, unadulterated walking.

Friday, September 21, 2012

New FamilyWize Team Members

Here at FamilyWize, we put out the welcome mat for two young ladies who joined the marketing team!

Aura Mastraghin graduated in May from University of Pennsylvania where she studied marketing with a special interest in creativity.

Love her name? Her mom and grandmother are both named Aurelia and her name is a creative spin off.  

In her spare time she likes to do "nerdy things." (Her words, not mine!)  One of those "nerdy things" is a video game called Age of Empires which is a real-time strategy game.  She is an only child and the proud mama of three cats--Bella, Tomba, and Indy.  

The one thing people would never guess about her is that she doesn't speak with a foreign accent.  If you're scratching your head, would explaining that she has only lived in the United States for a little over a decade explain it?  Aura moved to Philadelphia when she was 11 after her family won the Visa lottery.  Talk about luck!  Since she spent a while growing roots in Romania, she enjoys going back every year to visit her grandmother, aunt and cousin  as well as the friends  she has kept in contact with all these years.  

One thing that not too many people know about her is that she has never been to a football game! I told her she's not missing too much anyway.  There is a 50/50 chance of one of the teams winning. 

Aura will be responsible for the creative marketing aspects of the FamilyWize branding campaigns.  She builds messaging, imagery, creative content in line with the goals of the FamilyWize program.  Her strength in understanding the customer's experience helps drive her every project as she works to communicate our message and guide the team in reaching new communities to help.

Christina Colon graduated in May from DeSales University in Pennsylvania where she studied marketing and finance.   

She called herself a "Jersey Girl" up until recently when she moved to the keystone state to go to school and ended up moving in with some girlfriends after she graduated.  What's the one thing she misses about Jersey? Having her gas pumped!  In her spare time, she likes to get to know the city of Bethlehem where she recently moved with her friends who double as tour guides.  

When she's not at FamilyWize, she is a part-time hostess at a modern restaurant and hang out spot around the corner from the office.  

One thing not too many people know about her is that she loves to cook.  Most of her recipes were first an experiment and then became a recipe card.  Her specialty is stuffed turkey burgers which her roommates request often.  I would describe them, but you would drool and we don't want that! 

Something people would never guess about Christina is that she doesn't know how to ride a bike and she's not ashamed of it either! She said she wasn't blessed with coordination.  Plus, growing up in a big city, riding bikes wasn't a huge part of their activity.

Christina will be responsible for the direct to consumer data marketing points for FamilyWize.  She is a data driven marketer who understands, visualizes and communicates the marketing trends our data provides us.  Her gift is both as a tactical marketer and as a communicator of the results of our efforts each day.  She is a fast study of technology and marketing in a digital world.  Her ability to influence using social media and online tools will be one of her greatest assets to our marketing team.

Krysta W.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Skipping Your Medicine - A Prescription for Risk

Your Health and Medicine:  How Stopping or Skipping Medication is a Prescription for Risk

Common sense tells us that when people skip prescribed medication, it can negatively affect their health.  But did you know that when people stop their medicine prematurely it affects the overall medicine costs of the community and average cost of individual prescriptions?

The Non-Adherence Problem

The term used by the pharmaceutical and health industry is medication non-adherence—not adhering to the instructions provided with prescribed medications.  It can take many forms, including:
  • Discontinuing medication  
  • Reducing or skipping dosages  
  • Failing to follow directions 
  • Taking expired medications

skipping prescriptions
Non-adherence of medical prescriptions is rampant and costly.
There are health risks involved with medication non-adherence. For example, discontinuing antibiotics can cause the illness to return and make it difficult for another antibiotic to work effectively the next time. Reducing dosages might not be effective as many dosages are prescribed according to patients' weight. Some medications need to maintain a certain level in the blood stream to be affective. Skipping doses interferes with those levels. Expired medications can lose potency and may not be as effective.

Surprising Statistics

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports about 50 percent of patients do not take medications as prescribed.  A Consumer Reports survey of over 2,000 adults found that: 
  • 16% did not get prescriptions filled the first time.
  • 13% admitted to taking expired medicine.  
  • About 13%  skip doses or even stop taking medicine without doctor’s approval. 
  • 4% share their prescription with another person.
  • 8% split prescription pills to make them last longer without checking with their doctor.
Clearly, non-adherence of medical prescriptions is rampant.  But is this a big deal?

The Risks

Stopping medicine or skipping prescriptions can affect your health  because it increases your chances of becoming sicker.  According to The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), personal healthcare costs often increase as a result of not following prescription instructions.  This is ironic, since a common reason for skipping medication is to save money.

medication costs
Skipping prescriptions is linked to increase in hospitalization.
PhRMA statistics show an increase in hospitalizations, nursing home admissions, doctor appointments, and other healthcare costs that could have been avoided by taking prescriptions as directed.  Hospitalization, re-hospitalization and premature death were more than five times higher for hypertension patients who did not follow prescription instructions than those who did. For patients being treated for heart disease, health complications nearly doubled for those who did not follow prescription instructions. Diabetics who skipped 6 out of 10 doses of their medications were 3.6 times more likely to be hospitalized, compared to patients who followed prescribed treatments. PhRMA also warns of the following problems when we don't don't follow prescription directions.
  • Not following prescription directions is linked to 125,000 deaths each year.
  • The financial cost may be as high as $300 billion per year.
  • It is associated with up to 40% of nursing home admissions.
  • Adds $2,000 annually per patient in physician visit costs.
Many who skip or reduce their medication for financial reasons are in high-risk categories, such as the elderly, lower incomes, and those dealing with a chronic health condition. Increased hospitalization is a burden on public resources. The result is health care costs increases for entire communities.

The Good News - Tips to Reduce Costs

If money is tight, here are two ways to significantly lower your out-of-pocket medication costs without resorting to skipping doses or stopping prescriptions.

1. Request generic drugs.

Ask your doctor if the medication has an approved generic.  In some cases, generics may save up to 75% compared to the brand name version.  When changing to the generic version of a drug, always check first with your doctor.  To find out more about saving with generic drugs, see the FamilyWize article Understanding Generic Drugs.

2. Seek low income prescription assistance.

Medical prescription assistance is available nationwide in the U.S. through government and privately funded programs that are designed for those who cannot afford the cost of prescriptions or who do not have prescription coverage through a health insurance plan. 

To find such resources, perform a search engine query using the phrase “medical prescription assistance in _____” fill in the blank with your community or county name.
You can also get help from nationwide resources such as FamilyWize or Partnership for Prescription Assistance.  FamilyWize, whose mission is is to reduce the cost of prescription medicine for children, families, and individuals by $1 billion by the end of 2015, offers a FREE prescription card to those who need prescription assistance.  Find out more at

Ric Moxley
Contributing Writer