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Monday, March 31, 2014

April 1–The Day for Fun, Even at Work!

Studies show that those who enjoy their work life often benefit from health and well-being boosts as a result. International Fun at Work Day–April 1—is an opportunity for employers and coworkers to make the workplace more enjoyable, even if only for one day.

But why just for one day? With the following 12 tips on how to put the fun into Fun at Work Day, you may find that the merriment – and its health benefits – can have a lasting effect on your workplace. 

Fun at work

Benefits of Making Work More Fun

If you saw our recent article The Importance of Play, consider that the psychological benefits of play – stress relief, brain refreshing, and enjoying life more – are very similar to the potential benefits of Fun at Work Day. When the workplace is a generally positive experience, both employers and employees benefit – which is why everyone who works with others should consider taking direct fun action on April 1 to be more fun.
  • Employers and bosses know that employee turnover is a major cost to a business.  Employees who enjoy their job and workplace environment are more likely to stick around and continue to add value to your bottom line.
  • Employees know that the way they relate with coworkers has a profound effect on their enjoyment – or stress level. If you initiate fun activities in the workplace, chances are your fellow workers will appreciate the effort and may become more fun themselves.

An even dozen fun Activities for fun at work day

  1. Employee field trips – Fun at Work Day is a good time to make good use of your employee morale budget, Managers.  If you can’t afford a full day’s loss of productivity, then make it an extended lunch event or half-day trip. Just make sure it’s creative and fun – a museum, a beach trip, a picnic in the park, for instance.
  2. Super-casual attire day – Whatever your normal workplace attire is, shaking up the norm is inherently fun. Ideas: Sanction a short pants day, wear the company color day, hat day (with prizes for most creative), or flip-flop sandal day.
  3. Tchotchke gift exchange day – Ask everyone to bring something second hand that essentially has little or no real value/purpose – say, that plastic starfish you bought on your Florida vacation four years ago for instance – and have a gift exchange. Behind closed doors, sticky-note a unique number to each item and have an the end-of-the-day drawing.
  4. Productivity drawing – If your company budget is a bit tight, you can justify a big Fun at Work Day prize pool by making the winners’ gifts something that is a legit business expense – something that increases productivity, for instance – but is a great delight for the winner to receive. Ideas: a super-big screen computer monitor, a new high-end ergonomic desk chair, a mug warmer, or at least something that a marketing budget can justify, such as a company hoodie.
  5. Cater a group lunch – Cater in a lunch for the entire department, making it extra fun by hiring a clown or other performer to put on a show while the employees enjoy the eats.
  6. Pot luck lunch – Here’s one that can be arranged by any employee; encourage your workgroup or your entire department to bring a dish to share with everyone.  For gutsy fun, make it a no-rules potluck; you may end up with everyone coincidentally bringing desert, but if that defines fun, then have fun.  Alternatively, have a signup sheet with side dish, main dish, appetizer, and dessert categories if your group’s idea of fun is a balanced meal.
  7. Coffee break event – Especially if you work where it’s already hot in April, arranging for an ice cream social can make a mid-afternoon fun like nobody’s business. Or if it’s not warm and sunny, hire a portable coffee barista to make the rounds.
  8. Chuckle-worthy attire – To the degree that your boss or company allows, wear something that will (tastefully) cause smiles or laughter.
  9. Set a fun mood – Have a theme, such as “Hawaii Day” or “Italiano Day,” and theme up the office for it, including appropriate music, theme-matched snacks, and e-mailed language tips (How to say “I need this by Friday” or “It’s time for the meeting” in the Italian, for example).
  10. Movie time! – Whether at the office or by renting a theater, bring the team or company together for a work-related movie or TV episode viewing.  Good candidates: the TV series The Office or the movie Office Space, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, or 9 to 5.
  11. Make it a Bring-Your-Dog-to-Work day.
  12. Serenades all around! – Hire a mariachi band or barbershop quartet to go around to everyone’s office and perform. Or if music’s not your thing, hire a masseuse to visit offices.
We’ve heard of companies that go all out on Fun at Work Day, such as when Sprint made it a beach day, complete with truckloads of sand, beach music, and sunglasses all around. But even doing something as simple as bringing in donuts or homemade cookies to share, or creating an Easter egg hunt, will go far to making the day more fun and memorable for all.

Any ideas of your own to share? Use the comments form below to tell us about it!

Ric Moxley
Contributing Writer