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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rev Up Family Life With a Library Card

Library Card Sign-Up Month

As the American Library Association ( is quick to point out, studies show that children learn best when they have the opportunity to pursue their own interests.  With your kids going back to school, consider the library card as one of the most important school supplies of all.

Get a library card today!
Why not celebrate learning by making sure your kids (and you!) get a library card this month?  It's never been easier – many local libraries let you sign up for a library card online.
The library card is the key that unlocks access to a world of fun and learning opportunities. Libraries provide students with access to innovative programs, classes and educational resources to satisfy their curiosity. Best of all, it won’t cost you a thing – it’s all free with a library card.

Libraries are Family Fun
If you want libraries to be a part of your family life, here are a few ideas to get you started and to help make it a habit.

1. Be an example

Let's not overlook the obvious; what you do influences what your children do. If you want your family members to value the library, value it yourself. Make it a habit to go regularly so they can see it matters to you.

Don't just get books, but also consider sharing what you learned from the books you borrowed with your library card. Did you find a new recipe or learn something about history? Maybe you finally read that book everyone has been telling you about. Share that information. Let your kids see how much you are enjoying your local library.

2. Make a regular library day

Remember that a library can be one of the cheapest forms of entertainments in town. Make library day special by letting it also be the day you do something else special – perhaps making the family's favorite meal, or regularly stopping by the playground or favorite park on the way home.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of having a weekly or monthly family library outing is that you are making it a habit. You're opening a portal of fun and learning that kids can continue beyond their childhood years.

3. Make It a Game

There are many ways to make the library more than just a place to read books or to study. In fact, many websites are dedicated to sharing ideas for making the library fun.

Games can be purchased at You might even get some ideas for games you can make yourself, like a library scavenger hunt. If you've never done this before, buying a game might be the easiest solution.

You can probably think of some simple games that tie into a lesson at school. For example, if your child is learning about changing seasons and why leaves fall, use a library scavenger hunt where the mission is to find out what photosynthesis has to do with tree leaves. Rewards could be a healthy snack, a new book or an extra trip to the library! or your school libraries are also resources for kids' games. St. Joseph's School Library online is a great site with links to many online games that teach kids how a library works, the Dewey Decimal system, book genres and more.

4. More than books

Libraries are also a great resource for job hunters. Many offer internet access, job clubs and other services that can really help. Some will help with job searches and information specialists or resource staff can also help search out services you might be entitled to.We’re happy to say that many libraries stock FamilyWize Prescription Discount cards. Please ask your local library to make them available to job seekers and others who may not have sufficient prescription coverage or may have none at all.

5. Quiet Study

Studying at the library provides a quiet place to concentrate. Going to the library to do homework or study helps homework become a habit because it is a set place and time where homework gets done. Not only do you have easy access to reference materials, but nearly all libraries today offer free Internet access to any patron with a library card.

Librarians are also a great reference source when looking for information. They can tell you where a book or reference material is located, but they can also suggest references that you might not have thought of.

Get a library card today!

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Ric Moxley
Contributing Writer