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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How to Lose Weight? There’s a (Healthy) App For That!

If our ancestors could see us now with our smart phones and their apps, they’d no doubt wonder at our obsession with them…until they got their hands on one. It’s a rare human who is immune to their benefits, and if you are embarking on a healthier lifestyle, they can be an asset to your journey. Whether you are looking for some easy yoga, healthy desserts, or just an app for fitness and food tracking, there are plenty to choose from.

Tracking health

Gym helpers:
If you are seeking an app to track your gym attendance and/or for new workout ideas, check out:
  • Gympact pays you to workout! This is an amazing app that you can use whether you attend a local gym, do at-home workouts, or are an avid runner/walker/bicyclist. The take-home pay is small, but as it builds up over several months, it turns into some serious cash. Of course, if you miss a workout, you have to pay: an amount you’ve predetermined per missed workout. Motivating? You betcha. (Free; iPhone & Android)
  • Full Fitness offers you a variety of exercises and workouts according to goals and muscle groups. You can track your workouts, review video and image demonstrations of specific moves, record your meals, measurements, and weight, along with a host of other features that make this a robust app for fitness. (Lite version: Free; full version: $1.99; iPhone only)
  • Daily Workout Apps, LLC offers several spot specific workouts, as well as a simple Yoga app. Unlike some workout apps that have an animated instructor, these workouts are demonstrated by a real person, along with a human voice to guide you as you follow along. Upgrading to the paid version gives you additional workouts and some extra flexibility – and not just in your hip flexors! (Free versions available; iPhone & Android)

Using apps for health

Food trackers:
While weight loss isn't solely dependent on calories, keeping a pulse on your eating habits can help you adjust your food intake to find what makes you feel your best and achieve your leanest results.
  • FatSecret is a favorite in this category. It offers a reasonable calorie range for those looking to lose weight, a huge selection of foods, and an easy, slick interface to complete your entries. In addition, they recommend healthier food options via recipes submitted by the community. Plus you can connect with other users for friendly competition or cooking tips. (Free; iPhone & Android)
  • MyFitnessPal offers food tracking, as well as a very versatile platform for connecting to other services. While MyFitnessPal has a huge food library and a very easy application to use, its real strength is in its ease of connection to other applications. Whether you are using a FitBit, Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale, or RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal interacts with all of their data, enabling you to export information from the app and to import information into MyFitnessPal. (Free; iPhone & Android)

Healthy eating assistants:
For those of us that live life with nary a plan in sight, applications that offers simple recipes for healthier food makes cleaning up our diet a little bit easier, and grocery lists keep us focused on what we should be eating and out of the junk food aisle.
    Recipe application
  • Spark Recipes has a huge selection of healthy recipes for all dietary needs, from diabetic to gluten free to dairy free. You can stash recipes to your favorites list, view demos on cooking, and share recipes with friends. Recipes include nutrition information so you can track what you are eating easily in your food tracker. (Free; iPhone & Android)
  • Caveman Feast was just released, and it’s quickly becoming a favorite app for recipes. Simple ingredients, easy instructions, and mouthwatering photos make this a go-to application. Forgot your grocery list? Not a problem. Just whip out your phone, pull up this app, and you are set for the week with easy meals that will help you stick to your new eating lifestyle. ($2.99; iPhone only)
  • Shopping List has everything you need to make your grocery list, without any hassle or confusing extras. Streamlined and simple, it offers a library of regularly purchased items, the ability to group them according to their location in your grocery store, and if you purchase the full app, you can make multiple lists for different stores. (Free version available; iPhone only)
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