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Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday! Who Wants to Go Shopping?

This photo from shows a crowd ready
to find sales on Black Friday.
Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving when everyone goes shopping for great bargains and, hopefully, some fun! I remember going out one year to find THE great bargain. It was the first time I worked for a company that actually gave me the day off. I was so excited. I thought I'd sleep in, take my time and enjoy a nice peaceful day of fun and bargain shopping. Until my friend told me that we had to be up by 3:00 AM and out the door no later than 4:00 AM to get to the store so we could wait outside in line. Are you kidding me? It's my day off! Well, not wanting to miss the experience of a great American tradition, off I went. We waited outside in the cold for hours, and once the doors opened, it was a madhouse. All the pushing and shoving just to get in the front door! I just hope I didn't seriously hurt anyone....Just kidding!

What Is Black Friday About?

Black Friday is traditionally known as the start of the holiday shopping season. This is the day when many people shop for door buster deals on items that would normally cost much more. When is Black Friday? Normally it's always been the day after Thanksgiving. However, in recent years, especially this year, it's starting earlier. Some shopping centers are opening and offering sales on Thanksgiving Day in hopes of boosting sales during the economic downturn. Many stores also offer online sales and free shipping! That's good news for those of us who've experienced the thrill of camping out, waiting and waiting in line to get into the crowded store and then taking hours to get through the check out!

Why is it called Black Friday? Well, when businesses did their accounting in years past, they recorded their losses in red ink and their profits in black inc. Hoping to boost sales for the last quarter of the year, stores refer to finishing in the 'black', or with a profit. Black Friday originated from that hope that retail outlets would finish with a big profit at year end.

Cyber Monday shopper.
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Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday began in 2005 and has been a growing tradition since then. It falls on the Monday after Thanksgiving; this year it will be on November 26. Shoppers can find great bargains at their favorite online stores. So, again, rather than shopping in crowded stores, you can take your time and browse the internet from the comfort of your own home. No pushing or shoving!

Small Business Saturday

shopping in smaller stores
Small Business Saturday:
A chance to shop for bargains
in small businesses.
What is Small Business Saturday? Started by American Express about three years ago and gaining popularity, it can mean big business for small businesses. It's falls on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 24, when shoppers can get out and support small businesses and honor their contribution to the communities where they do business. It also helps boost sales for small, family owned businesses who have struggled during the rough economy for the past few years.

Which way should you shop? It depends on what you are looking for and how much you are hoping to save. Some shoppers enjoy the excitement of Black Friday. In my neighborhood in Philadelphia, neighbors gather at midnight on Thanksgiving and head out in their cars, armed with their wallets and ready to shop till they drop! It's a chance for neighbors to get together and share some holiday cheer. I choose a calmer shopping experience now and prefer to find my bargains on line. Shopping on Saturday, after the die hard Black Friday shoppers have finished, might be fun for people who are looking for bargains, but appreciate a neighborhood business where the lines might not be so long and the stores that are not quite as crowded.

Whichever way you choose to shop this weekend, be safe, have fun and save money! But above all, make sure you have a SAFE shopping experience!

Share your Black Friday stories in our comments section, too. What is the earliest time you've ever gotten up to hit the stores? What's the craziest thing you would do to find a bargain? Let us know if you have any funny stories to share!

Caroline Carr
Contributing Writer