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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Community Service Matters

Community service isn’t a new idea. People have been assisting elderly neighbors, holding charity events for those in need, and cleaning litter from vacant lots for decades. But the need for community service has been in the limelight recently. Why is community service important, and how can you and your family get involved?

What is community service?

Community service typically involves the volunteering of time, energy or effort on behalf of another individual, organization or event. From offering aid in times of disaster, to strengthening neighborhood programs on a regular basis, community service is integral to a better future.

Why does community service matter?

It creates a bond between the individual and their community.
It builds stronger neighborhoods and forms better relationships between residents.
It places emphasis on the importance of citizenship, service, and responsibility, and serves as an example to younger generations.

How can community service benefit me?

Health benefits (see this study).
Increased socialization.
Networking opportunities.
• The chance to learn new skills.

Who participates in community service?

1. Everyone! Individuals of any age, including adults, children and senior citizens, can all participate.
2. Organizations such as the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.
3. Local and national businesses.

How can I get started?

Choose an activity or area that interests you, like animals, the environment or education.
Choose something you’d like to learn more about. For example: wildlife, history, or the arts.
Check out resources such as the Lehigh Valley Health Network for ways to volunteer your time while earning time back through an exchange of services.

Where can I find community service opportunities?

There are many opportunities available to get involved in community service. Here are some examples:

Become a reading tutor.
Put your building skills to work by helping to construct a home through Habitat for Humanity.
Like animals? Get involved at a local shelter or farm. You can work directly with the animals -- feeding, walking, and cuddling – or assist with fundraising, event coordination, or other administrative responsibilities. Check out for opportunities.
Are you interested in the arts? Local festivals, theaters, and museums typically have plenty of volunteer opportunities.

Where can I find more information?

Check out sites such as AllForGood, which allows you to explore a number of options in your area, or click here for more information on community service.

Regardless of where you live or how you choose to get involved, community service matters to everyone. Get involved and reap the benefits!

Live Healthy. Live Smart.