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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ensure Cyber Safety

The internet has become the first place we go when we want to communicate, do research, or even conduct business. For most of us, our time in cyberspace is increasing each day. But with breaches of information becoming more common, have you even wondered just how safe your information is online? What can you do to ensure cyber safety for you and your family members?

How can you keep your family members safe online?

Educate family members about appropriate online activity.
Monitor and stay involved in online activity.
Recognize the need for different strategies for a variety of age groups.

Why is cyber safety important?

The information you make available online may be subject to hacking and exposure to the public. Safety is crucial due to privacy issues and overall security, and prevents issues like cyberbullying.

When should you start talking with your kids about cyber safety?

It’s never too early to start discussing cyber safety. Make it an issue that’s brought up often in your household. Don’t forget that cyber safety doesn’t just apply to your children. Adults of any age, especially older adults, need to be aware of cyber safety.

Latest news regarding cyber safety:

According to a recent report, your internet searches and the health information you provide online may put you at risk of medical-related discrimination. Check out this Science Daily article for more details.
Parents are often guilty of providing too much information about their children online.  When parents put too much information about their children online, it may lead to safety and privacy risks for their children, both now and in the future. Read this article on "sharenting" to get the full picture.
Your online information may be most vulnerable when you’re traveling. From laptops left behind in hotel rooms to connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, cyber safety can be an issue once you’ve left your home.  Be aware of these issues when traveling to help ensure your safety and privacy.

Keeping your passwords secure:

Ensure the strength of your passwords by making them a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.
Don’t share your passwords with anyone.
Change your passwords on occasion.
Always log out of your computer and any sites you visit, especially when using a public computer.

Where can you learn more about staying safe online?

Visit sites such as iKeepSafe for valuable information on keeping your family safe online.

Do you have any suggestions for ensuring cyber safety, or any stories to share? If so, please feel free to leave a comment!

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