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Friday, December 28, 2012

Safely Celebrate the New Year

The New Year is just around the corner and there will be people celebrating all around you to bring in the New Year. With those celebrations come plenty of food, laughs, music, and the consumption of alcohol

Going to a New Year's celebration is always a lot of fun but for some reason there are always a few people that get a little over zealous and have a better time than some. And then regret it in the morning! 

It's always good to think ahead and plan wisely for the party so you aren't starting off the New Year on a sour note. People might feel fine to drive home, but their reflexes could be impaired with much less alcohol than they realize. The CDC reveals that only two beers can cause impaired judgement and inability to multitask. Here are a few tips to bring in your New Year safely and have fun at the same time with no regrets.

Bring in the New Year Safely:
Don't drink and drive.
  • Drive Safely - If you know you will be drinking make sure you have a designated driver or know the number to a taxi service. I would suggest programming it in your phone ahead of time so you aren't scrambling around for it at the last minute. Even if you have only had a few drinks and you think you are fine to drive it is never wise to drink and drive. If you are planning on going to a New Year's Eve party, a good plan is to take a taxi to the party so that way you have to take a taxi home. It is a win win situation. AAA has offered taxi service on New Year's Eve and some areas have Tipsy Taxi services that are free.
  • Drink Wisely - Not only should you drink in moderation but pay attention to where your drink is. Never leave your drink unattended and then come back for it. There are many different drugs that can be easily slipped into your drink without your knowledge. They only way to monitor that is to always hold onto your drink and never accept any drinks from anyone unless you see it made yourself.
  • Be Responsible - If you did drive and still want to have a few drinks make sure you are still at the legal alcohol level to drive. A good way to monitor this is to space your drinks apart by having a couple of glasses of water or club soda in between. If you have any hesitation about driving, don't drive! It's not worth it! 
  • Know Your Surroundings - Go to a party that you know you can easily get home from or where you can stay the night if you aren't able to drive or find a taxi.
  • Don't Let Your Friends Drive Drunk - If you came with a friend who was the designated driver and that person ended up having a few too many don't let them drive. Even if they insist that they are fine, get their keys and call a taxi. They may be mad at you at the time but they and their loved ones will thank you in the morning.
If you're hosting a New Year's Eve party, here are a few tips that will help your party run smoothly without any unwanted problems.

  • If alcohol will be served, collect people's keys at the door. If someone wants to drive home intoxicated, call them a taxi.
  • Make sure you have plenty of space if you do need some people to stay the night. Maybe have a few inflatable beds and extra blankets ready.
  • Have taxi numbers available for your guests if they need one. It will be good for you too just in case you notice someone that shouldn't be driving and you can call for them before they try and leave. Just tell them better safe than sorry.
  • Make sure you have plenty of nutritious food and non-alcoholic beverages available too for your guests, or set a time when you will stop serving alcoholic beverages.
Mothers Against Drunk Driving reports that nearly 10,000 people were killed in drunken driving accidents in 2011. That's almost one person per hour. Remember, while you are driving home, you want your wits about you because someone else might not be as considerate as you and could be intoxicated behind the wheel. If you are also impaired you might not be able to avoid an accident.

Make this New Year the best one yet and start it off by making smart choices and "Live the Life you Love."

Marci Psalmonds
Contributing Writer