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Monday, July 15, 2013

SOLD! Holding a Profitable Yard Sale

You've purged your home and it feels fantastic. Now, how do you handle the boxes and bags of discards sitting in the middle of your living room floor? A garage sale is a great way to rid your household of unwanted items while making some extra money at the same time.

Sale sign

Yard Sale Tips:

Check the date you have in mind for your sale. Your chance of success is not as great if it’s already a busy day with events in the community.
Get neighbors in on the sale. Larger sales draw more attention. Make it a block garage sale and increase your profits.
Look into licensing requirements in your city or town to ensure you have the proper documentation on the day of the sale.
Organize your items into categories for best results. Kitchen items should be in one area; baby clothing and supplies should be in another area. All items should be clean and in working condition.
Research online to help with yard sale pricing. Either label items individually or make large signs for a specific price point and place items in the appropriate area. Check out for yard sale pricing tips.

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise…

While advertising can be costly, yard sale shoppers do check local papers for listings. At least a small advertisement is a necessary evil.
Local Websites allow free postings for garage sales. Post your sale a week prior to the date, and update the posting throughout the week leading up to the event. Visit for additional tips.
Check out rules and regulations for posting signs in your town or community. Where allowable, post several signs on major roads leading to your street. Address, date of sale and an arrow pointing in the correct direction will help shoppers find your sale.

Garage sale prices

How to Haggle:

1. Expect buyers to negotiate on prices since everyone likes to bargain hunt. Adjust pricing to allow for negotiating with customers.
2. Don’t take negotiating personally or get defensive with shoppers because you feel your items are worth more. Haggling is part of the garage sale game. Have fun with it!
3. If you’re eager to sell items, consider lowering prices later in the day. Shoppers love a smart bargain and will shop sales late specifically looking for lower prices. You can find additional pricing ideas at

Don’t Forget:

Have plenty of change available the day of the yard sale. Surprisingly, many sellers forget this important factor and lose sales as a result.
Bags and cardboard boxes might be necessary for larger purchases
Extra hands (and eyes!) are helpful
Be prepared for early birds

Yard sale

What to do with leftovers:

Before carting everything that didn't sell back into your basement or garage, take stock of items and decide what you’ll keep, what you can donate and if there are items that should be thrown away. Here are some ideas for those unsold items:

Box or bag and donate to a local thrift shop.
Arrange for pick-up from a veterans organization.
Remember, itemized lists of items that are donated may be used as a tax deduction.  Visit for more details.

With just a little bit of time and preparation, your garage sale can be profitable and successful. Good luck!

Kathy Rembisz 
Contributing Writer