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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I Scream for Ice Cream Recipes!

A U.S. president has so much to do, what with economic challenges, military threats and whatnot, but somehow Ronald Reagan had a few spare moments in 1984 to designate July as National Ice Cream Month. To celebrate, check out this guidance on selecting ice cream making machines, plus a few amazing ice cream recipes, some even guilt-free! 

But first, here's a little ice cream history that may surprise you. While ice cream is a pretty big deal in the U.S., enjoyed by 9 out of 10 of us, its history can be traced over 2,000 years, back to when a snow-ice version of it was enjoyed by earlier Europeans.  The mixture we’ve come to know and love, with cream, sugar, and eggs, came about in the 19th century.

Make your own ice cream

Nothing tastes like homemade ice cream, especially on a sweltering July night. Rather than loading up the car for a family trip to your nearest dairy treat store, why not make up a batch yourself. 
Even better than “by yourself,” make it together with your spouse or your kids, so that homemade ice cream can also be a family bonding time that will make for a lifetime of memories. 

Ice Cream Maker or No Ice Cream Maker? You have options!

There’s more than one way to churn up a frozen ice cream recipe:
  • Hand crank ice cream makers. Yes, you can still buy these! While it’s a lot more work, you can feel better about the incoming calories knowing that you’ve burned off a few just making the treat. They also tend to be cheaper than electric options, and have no motor to burn out.
  • Electric ice cream makers. Traditional-style electric ice cream makers have a metal canister in the middle with room around it for ice and salt (the combination lowers the temperature). Electric power sets the canister ingredients in motion until it reaches the desired thickness.
  • Frozen container ice cream machines. This style of ice cream maker requires no ice or salt. Instead, you freeze the canister for several hours and
  • Skip the ice cream machine. Truth is, you don’t even need a machine to make some frozen ice cream or similar frozen treats. We’ve got a few such recipes below.

Our favorite homemade ice cream recipes

Traditional ice cream recipes

If you're new to making homemade ice cream or using an ice cream maker, these classic ice cream recipes are a good place to start.
  • Begin with the top-rated recipe for Vanilla Ice Cream at
  • Move to the head of the class with this classic Strawberry Ice Cream recipe with just four ingredients.
  • Graduate to this Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream recipe – a great way to make use of those summer mint leaves around your property. The trick to its rich and smooth flavor? Cream cheese!

Wild and crazy ice cream recipes

Ready to experiment a little? Have a little fun with these unique ice cream recipes that may wake up your imagination and your taste buds.
  • Dirty Chai Ice Cream – If you enjoy the flavor of coffee and chai tea, here's a tasty dessert-oriented way to mix the two flavors. But don’t worry - chilled espresso is what makes it “dirty,” not dirt. 
  • Breakfast ice cream?  Can’t wait to get some ice cream into your day? Add a cup or so of Post Golden Crisp Cereal or Kellogg's Fruit Loops cereal to a quart of vanilla ice cream and call it breakfast.
Machine-optional ice cream recipes
If you don't have an ice cream maker, or just don't feel like having to clean one up afterwards, here are some killer recipes for satisfying your ice-cold smooth treat fixation:
  • Pumpkin Soft-Serve “Ice Cream” - This blender-based recipe is not only creamy and rich, but super healthy, substituting coconut milk and almond butter for cream.
  • Sweet Cream Custard. This low carb machine-free recipe is so easy, the whole thing's right here. Simply combine in a mixer and 1 cup of heavy cream, 1/2 cup of your favorite artificial sweetener (sucralose or xylitol work well) 2 tablespoons of whole-milk ricotta cheese, and optionally add a quarter teaspoon of vanilla
  • whip until stiff peaks form. Scoop and freeze for a creamy treat.
Healthy Ice Cream Recipes
Watching your weight, or trying to avoid dairy? Good news – either of these options will help: 
Got a favorite ice cream recipe you'd like to share? Use the comment fields below to give us "the scoop!"

Ric Moxley
Contributing Writer