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Friday, October 19, 2012

Autumn Is In the Air!

fall leaves
Bald Eagle State Park in rural Pennsylvania offers fun
Autumn activity for families, activities for children
and beautiful Autumn foliage.

Can’t you just feel the changes in the air? The nights are cooler and the days are getting shorter and shorter.  Autumn has arrived! What do you think of as the season changes from the “dog days” of summer to that wonderful crisp, cool autumn weather? Our beautiful summertime slowly starts to slip away as the leaves start to change colors to display their beautiful autumn foliage and eventually fall from the trees. Could that be why we call it Fall?

Have you ever wondered just what other things start to change along with the seasons. If you have pets or livestock you will notice definite changes in them as they start to grow out their winter coats. Fewer hours of daylight trigger this change. Just like foliage, pets and livestock are part of the changing images of autumn, as their coats get thicker. So if you see horses getting rather fuzzy you will know why! Some animals, like the Arctic fox and hare, change their color to white to camouflage themselves better in winter months.

Time to Talk Healthy!

We also must be aware that changes in weather can affect our health. From flu season to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), we need to keep ourselves healthy as the temperatures drop. Scheduling a seasonal physical with your health care professional is a good idea for all ages to establish a baseline for a variety of areas that are important as we age. Cholesterol levels, thyroid levels and blood sugar are just a few.  By establishing a baseline your doctor knows quickly when there are changes in your body. Your doctor can learn a lot from a simple blood test that actually checks for several things in a person’s body. This can detect early something that could be a potential health issue if left untreated. Make this an annual autumn activity for families!

A visit to the doctor is particularly important for senior citizens as they are more susceptible to flu and cold weather illnesses, like pneumonia. Doctors' offices and many pharmacies offer vaccines and many are covered by insurance. Be sure to check with your insurance company to see what is covered.

Let’s Have Some Fall Fun!
Autumn leaves
Autumn foliage as trees change color

Autumn is my favorite time of the year for other reasons too. The beautiful colors of fall subtly appear on the trees in their autumn leaves ranging from soft yellows and gold to the bold reds of the maple trees. Soon the leaves will fall as the temperatures also begin to fall making way for winter.

images of autumn
Collecting fall leaves for crafts is one of
many Autumn activities for children.

Fall is a great time of the year to dress up your dining room table with mini bouquets of gorgeous leaves tied together with colorful ribbons. It is a great time for easy craft projects with materials at your fingertips out of your own backyard. There are plenty of free fall craft ideas online. Art Is Helping Kids is a great resource for free activities for all seasons.

Fall is also a great time to encourage your kids to help with the yard work. Making a family fun game of raking fall leaves is a great way to motivate kids to get involved. Have relay races to see who can get the biggest pile in the shortest amount of time. Just make sure that you provide them with kid-size tools for safety measures. If you have pine trees in your yard, the kids can gather the pine cones for future craft projects for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Pine cone crafts, like making turkey table decorations or scented pine cones for the upcoming holidays, can be easy and fun projects for kids.

This is a really fun time of year that the whole family can enjoy and that offers a variety of activities for children and adults of all ages. Don't hesitate! Get started because Autumn will soon turn to Winter. HAPPY AUTUMN!

Cindy Foley
Contributing Writer