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Friday, July 26, 2013

National Culinary Arts Month Is Here!

July is National Culinary Arts Month – who knew? It’s a time to celebrate and appreciate the beauty and joy of food. And, of course, summer reigns. When is there a better opportunity to investigate new cooking techniques, adventurous recipes, and local scrumptious fare?

National Culinary Arts Month

Do culinary terms make your brain hurt? Whether you are an amateur chef or still trying to figure out how to make grilled cheese without burning it, you can dig into this month’s celebration and be on your way to gourmet cooking.
  • Take a cooking class – many local venues offer cooking demonstrations that allow you to learn a technique, pick up some new recipes, and share in a feast at the end of class. Not to mention, it’s a great way to get to know your neighbors. Check out Williams-Sonoma for their latest class schedule and stores closest to you. Or a cooking school like Le Cordon Bleu offers classes that will teach you complex skills. If you don’t have a location near you for gourmet studies, explore some online options, like Epicurious, where chefs break down culinary terms and concepts into step-by-step processes via video.
  • Host a recipe exchange. Invite your favorite folks and ask everyone to bring a dish, along with the recipe for it written out on 3x5 cards. You can sample, compliment, and walk away with several new ideas – and you can ask your friends questions on how they made their dish. Check out Party Ideas for some great suggestions to make it a memorable event!
  • Head out to your local farmer’s market and pick up in-season fruits and vegetables, then return home with your finds and Google recipes to use them. Sound daunting? It’s surprisingly fun, and you’ll find suggestions, unique ideas, and creative ways to use up summer squash and figs that will wow your family. If you have a food allergy, don’t hesitate to include it in your search. For example, if strawberry shortcake is your aim, add “gluten free” or “egg free” to your Internet search terms to find a ton of recipes just for your needs. If you don’t have a local farmer’s market, here’s a list of what is in season this month that you can find at your grocery store.
  • Borrow cookbooks at the library. If you are a little short on funds or simply want to indulge in gourmet cooking without a high price tag, your county library offers a plethora of cookbook choices that will keep you cooking well into the fall. From Argentinian delights to making healthy foods for a large group, you can find just about anything to delight your palate and excite your curiosity.
Chopping carrots in the kitchen

Still aren't sold on devouring National Culinary Arts Month in your own kitchen? How about getting to know a local cook who’s happy to provide you with tongue-tantalizing flavors without the cleanup? Step into your local restaurants and cafes, and you are guaranteed to experience the best of the summer season that’s both delicious and easy -- all you have to do is make reservations!

Let us know what you discover as you delve into National Culinary Arts Month!

Ally Bishop
Contributing Writer

Ally (aka Holistic Hacker) is a health and life coach, as well as a recipe creator. You can find out more about her on Twitter.