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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Survey Says: Consumers are leaving money at the pharmacy counter

We recently conducted a survey where we asked 1,000 consumers about their spending, shopping, and savings habits when it comes to purchasing prescription medication. The results revealed that while a majority of people taking prescription medication and are interested in saving money, only a small percentage has actually attempted to do so at the pharmacy.

Over 65% of respondents said that they take at least one prescription, and 50% said that they fill at least ten per year. And over half – 59% - are spending $150 or more on their medication on an annual basis. For many people, this price can be too high to pay, and even skip their medication because they can’t afford it.

With an estimated 80-100 million Americans currently uninsured (and many millions more who are underinsured), it’s not surprising that people are spending too much.

The survey also brought to light the harsh reality around the limited awareness regarding prescription savings options.

The FamilyWize card saves an average of 42% on prescriptions, and in many cases gives a deeper discount than insurance – but only 18% of people have ever even tried to use a savings card. That’s the equivalent of 4 out of 5 people never using coupons or looking for deals when they shop for groceries.

Why are so many people missing out? Awareness could be a key issue. Only half or the consumers polled had ever heard of prescription savings cards, meaning there are many people out there who are missing a chance to save simply because they don’t know that it’s out there.

What can we do to change this? We can start by spreading the word. FamilyWize works with partners like United Way, the American Heart Association, and the NCOA to increase awareness about the savings offered by FamilyWize. By working together, we can strengthen communities nationwide.

Know someone who you think might be spending too much for prescriptions? Print out a free card for them at, or direct them to the free FamilyWize app, available on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phones.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year from FamilyWize

new year

2013 is upon us! It's a time to reflect on the past year and make plans for the new year. Throughout the past year, FamilyWize, with the help of over 1,000 United Ways and America's Promise Alliance Partners and communities all over the country, distributed the FamilyWize prescription savings card

familywize program
Free Rx discount cards.
The free Rx discount cards are accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide and have saved more than five million customers over $400 million so far. Believing that no one should have to choose between buying food, paying utility bills or purchasing necessary medication, FamilyWize strives to help families afford prescriptions. The FamilyWize card can be downloaded right from their website or even to your phone. Just text the word "family" to 700700 and show the card from your phone the next time you fill a prescription! Pharmacists can read the card right from the phone. It doesn't get much easier than that!

One out of every five people in the United States has no prescription drug coverage. Without coverage, many people go without life-saving medications or ration their medications in order to make ends meet. When people do not take prescriptions as directed, their chance of worsening health issues increases. The result is more costly medical care, hospital stays and longer recovery time. Prescription drug card customers are able to save on costly medications, and adhere to their medication directions. 

The FamilyWize website has tools to look up your pharmacy and do some comparison shopping with the drug price look up. You can save up to 75% on prescription costs, depending on the medication and the pharmacy. 

Formed in 2005 by Dan and Susan Barnes, the Familywize partnership sets the goal of saving families, children and individuals $1 billion by the end of 2015. We hope to build stronger communities by helping to build healthier and happier families. 

new year resolution
FamilyWize attends community event
to raise awareness of medication
adherence and give our free discount cards.
During 2012, FamilyWize participated in community events, along with participating United Ways, and distributed the FamilyWize discount drug card to students, moms and dads. Many people got cards for a family member or friend in need. Along with distributing this great way to save, FamilyWize spread awareness of the importance of prescription drug adherence. Due to high cost, many people do not fill or refill prescriptions, or they ration medications to reduce cost. This can cause worsening health conditions that become more costly for the patient and the health system at large. 

And we don't stop there! The FamilyWize blog is written by staff members, subject matter experts and guest bloggers and covers subjects like saving money, nutrition and exercise, goodwill and family safety tips. Our daily blog receives hundreds of hits per day and provides informative links to valuable sources of information. 

This year, why not make it your New Year Resolution to help a friend or family member in need to save on prescription costs? Download a free card for yourself and for a friend. Place a link to the FamilyWize website on your websites and web pages. 

We can make a difference together! Happy New Year from all of us at FamilyWize to you and your families. And may we enjoy better health and more happiness by spreading the savings to our friends and families!

Caroline Carr
Contributing Writer