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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cost-Cutting Tricks for Everyday Items

Consumers everywhere are on the look-out for cost-cutting tricks to use for everyday items, from groceries and clothing to prescription medications and entertainment. For these everyday purchases, there are plenty of ways for savvy shoppers to apply numerous cost-cutting tricks. Here are a few ways:

Groceries: Whether you clip coupons or rely on smartphone applications, there are plenty of opportunities to apply cost-cutting tricks to your purchases at the grocery store. Check out sites such as or for great savings on grocery items. Also, consider sharing a warehouse membership with another family, and enjoy additional savings on everyday items.

Prescription Drugs: A simple way to apply savings to prescription drugs is by using the FamilyWize Prescription Savings Card at your pharmacy. The card is free to for all consumers - both insured and uninsured - with no registration or membership fee, and it can garner significant savings on your prescription medications. Additional cost-cutting tips for prescriptions include:

  • Asking about generic prescription drugs, which are often less expensive than name brands, but just as effective.
  • Checking out your insurance provider’s preferred pharmacy and mail-order options for your prescription drug needs.
  • Speaking with the pharmacist regarding cash pricing on prescription drugs.

Clothing: There are many ways to save on everyday items such as clothing. Here are a few cost-cutting tips:

  • Before shopping, check out sites such as Saving Star and Retail Me Not for deals and coupons.
  • Shop sale and clearance merchandise first for savings on clothing.
  • Consider second-hand, especially for designer goods and larger ticket items such as winter coats and boots.
  • Ditch dry-clean only merchandise. Over time this cost-cutting trick alone will result in savings in the clothing department.

Entertainment: Readers can try free electronic downloads from Project Gutenberg, or borrow books from the public library. While foodies can look for deals through sites such as to enjoy savings and deals at a variety of restaurants. In addition, for a less costly way to enjoy on-screen entertainment, movie fanatics can replace going to the movies with a movie night at home.

Other:  Cost-cutting tricks can apply to items such as energy costs, too.  Programs such as the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) help provide financial assistance and services to cut heating and cooling costs. In addition, apps such as Gas Buddy allow users to check out the cheapest gasoline prices in the area. Compare cell phone, cable television, and Internet plans by using My Rate Plan and check out a variety of plans and determine the most appropriate one for your specific needs.

With all the cost-cutting tricks available for everyday items, it’s easier than ever for consumers to save money. By incorporating cost-cutting tricks, you can enjoy the same lifestyle without breaking the bank.

Live Healthy. Live Smart.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Why Even The Insured Are Paying Too Much For Prescriptions

You probably think that if you have health insurance, you’re covered when it comes to medications. However, even with insurance, you could still be spending too much - it many cases, it's not the cheapest option. There are many ways to save on prescriptions, and insurance isn't always going to lead you to the best savings. Insured or uninsured, here’s what you can do to make sure you're saving effectively, every time.

Using your insurance may not be your most cost-effective option

Using your insurance coverage may actually cost you more, in some cases. Here are some tips for finding the best price:

  • Use a discount card, such as the FamilyWize Prescription Savings Card, and you may see savings of up to 75% off the retail price. Unlike some discount cards, the FamilyWize Prescription Savings Card does not charge a registration or membership fee, and it's free and easy to use.
  • Consider paying cash for medications. In a few cases, this might equate to savings greater than using insurance. Always ask your pharmacist for the retail price of a medication so that you can compare.

Don’t forget generic brands

The generic version of a medication is often less expensive than one with a brand name. Always check with your doctor or pharmacist to make sure a generic is right for you and your particular medical condition.

Find out your insurance’s “preferred” pharmacy

Some commercial insurance and Medicare plans offer savings on prescription drugs if you use a specific pharmacy. For drugs that you use long-term (typically 3 months or more), you can often see savings by buying a supply that will last longer.

Try therapy in steps

This practice, known as “step therapy,” involves trying less expensive medication options first. If these options are ineffective, try more expensive options. You may experience savings if you never need to take the most expensive medication for your condition.

Do an annual review

Experts recommend an annual review with your healthcare provider of any medications, supplements or vitamins you take. You may often be able to eliminate something from your current regimen, which results in a lower medication expenses for you.

Just like when it comes to shopping for clothes or groceries, being a savvy shopper when it comes to medications can result in cost savings everyone can enjoy.

Live Healthy. Live Smart.