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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Great American Smokeout - Commit to Quit

dangers of smoking
The Great American Smokeout
Stop smoking today!

If you or someone you love smokes, today is the day to take control of your life! The American Cancer Society established the Great American Smokeout 37 years ago to encourage people to stop smoking or at least begin a plan to quit smoking.

The Great American Smokeout! 

In towns and communities across the country there will be a number of volunteers available with a variety of resources to help smokers get through the difficult task of quitting.There will be information on how to quit smoking and anti smoking advertisements. The American Cancer Society offers tips to help people quit. They even have an E-Quit Study for people who are interested in developing a plan to quit, learning to quit and helping others to quit.


Why Should You Quit?

Despite all the publicity about the dangers of smoking, many Americans haven't given up their cigarettes.  According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), about 3,800 kids start smoking each day.

The CDC reported that cigarette smoking claims about 443,000 lives a year and studies of teenage smoking reveal that 1 in 4 high school students claimed current tobacco use.

Medical costs associated with tobacco products are in the billions annually. Another costly issue is the loss of productivity at work and premature death. It is also estimated that tens of thousands of adult non-smokers die each year due to the side effects from second hand smoke. These are most often your loved ones who have been exposed as children, or by spouses or partners. This is a great reason to "quit the sticks." 

Speaking strictly in economic terms, smokers spend anywhere from $5.50 to $10 per pack for cigarettes, depending on where they live and what brand they chose. That's between $2,000 to $4,000 per year on cigarettes! Add that to the medical costs that will eventually catch up with the smoker and you have some very costly expenses. Think of what you could buy with the money you will save by quitting.


The Great American Smokeout!



There are over 45 million smokers in the US and one in five adult deaths are due to the side effects of smoking.  70% of those that quit smoking relapse, and it often takes 7 to 10 times of quitting before someone can quit for good. 

Quitting means changing your routine. Many smokers enjoy their cigarettes with their morning coffee or as an after dinner treat. So when you attempt to quit, your normal everyday routines will also probably change.  This is what makes quitting so hard for a lot of people. 

WebMd gives some great tips for how to quit smoking. Some people find that quitting cold turkey works best for them. However, many people seek the help of medicine or therapy to quit. Discuss it with your doctor and find the best way for you. You will be more successful if you do what works best for you. Remember that you are changing a lifetime habit, and when you take something away, you might have to replace it with something else. Part of a plan for quitting might include taking a walk after dinner instead of having a cigarette.

There are a variety of medications available from your doctor to ease the difficult task of giving up tobacco.  There are also over-the-counter products including patches, nicotine gum and lozenges. For prescription smoking cessation products, the FamilyWize discount card may help you save money. Download your free discount card today!

If you get frustrated there is a hotline (1-800-QUITNOW) that is available 24 hours a day. So take advantage of the resources available to help you become healthier and happier. Become a success story of the


~~~~~  Do it for yourself and your loved ones  ~~~~~

Cindy Foley
Contributing Writer