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Friday, September 26, 2014

Staying Safe in a Storm

Regardless of the type of storm, any severe weather can threaten the safety of you and your family. Storms have the ability to cause extensive damage and destruction in minutes.  From preparation safety to storm kits, read on for storm safety tips to keep your loved ones cozy and safe when the next storm hits.

In any type of storm, there are a few typical concerns, which include:

The safety of you and your family.
Effective communication system(s).
A back-up power supply, for your home as well as your data.
Minimizing destruction to your home and property.

Experts recommend families have a storm kit on hand at all times, modifying the contents based on the type of storm and time of year.

What should a storm kit include?

Non-perishable food items. Keep in mind the needs of those with food allergies or other special dietary needs.
Water — enough for 72 hours. The rule is one gallon per person per day for drinking and sanitation. Commercially bottled water is recommended for storage purposes.
Medications for any family members or pets who require them. Don't forget to use your Familywize Prescription Discount Card!
Personal hygiene items.
Flashlights and extra batteries.
A battery-operated radio.
Cell phones and solar chargers.
A first aid kit.
Any battery-operated lighting.
Pet food and supplies.
Personal documents. Also, write down important phone numbers that are stored digitally in case computers and cells phones are not functioning properly.

What do you need to know about storm preparation?

According to,

1. Make sure your storm kit is stocked and ready.
2. Establish a communication plan for your family, including those who can’t get home. Always have a key contact person outside the immediate family to check in with.
3. Clean your yard of loose branches that could fall or cause injury. Secure objects that could fall or blow away during heavy winds.
4. Go indoors and bring pets with you.
5. Back-up digital data and records with a reliable system.
6. Unplug electrical equipment.

What additional items should be considered for winter storm safety?

Keep family members and pets warm. Have extra clothing, blankets and sleeping bags on hand. Don’t forget hats, mittens and earmuffs! Consider an alternative source of heat in case your main heat is lost for an extended period of time. Remember: Even 50 degrees can seem unbearable overnight.
High winds combined with freezing temperatures could be destructive to power lines.
Because precipitation could be a concern, make sure snow removal equipment is serviced and in good condition. Also, have a pet-friendly ice melter, salt or kitty litter on hand.

What are special concerns for thunder and lightning storms?

Hail can be dangerous to family members, pets and property.
Storms move quickly. Move indoors, if possible, before lightning starts.
Lightning is one of the top three storm-related killers. Take the threat of lightning seriously and teach your children to do the same.

Where can you obtain additional information on storm safety?

Additional information is available at or

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