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Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter Fun-Don't Hibernate

When winter hits we all seem to hibernate and veg out in the house because the weather doesn't allow us to carry on with our normal outside activities and it is just too cold outside! But there is no reason to just sit on the couch and watch TV through the rain, snow and sleet. Get creative and find some fun winter activities that you and the whole family can enjoy through the winter months.

There are plenty of winter activities for kids to keep them busy and away from the TV and video games. It can be as simple has making a snowman, to finding some good old fashion board games. Finding activities in the winter should be fun not tedious so I have made a list of some great ideas that the family should love, especially the little ones.
winter activities
Finding family activities in the winter is
easy and fun!
  1. Make a Scrapbook - If you have teenage girls this is a great project to keep them busy. It seems like all teens like to do in this day and age is take pictures of themselves and their friends. So why not supply them with a book and some good scrap booking ideas to get their creative juices flowing? They will also have a great feeling of accomplishment when they are done.
  2. Engage in Winter Sports - If you live in a snowy climate you have more options to get outdoors to keep everyone in the family busy. Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and ice skating are always a fun time and you can't go wrong.  
  3. Family Game Night - Everyone loves to play games so why not make your winter months a time to incorporate a "Winter Board Game Night?" Pick a board game that the whole family likes or have each family member pick the game  they would like and take turns every week.  Games are addicting and once you start playing its hard to stop. It will bring the whole family together before you know it.
  4. Make a Reading List - For you older family members that are wanting some quiet time make a reading list of books that you have been meaning to get to. Its always nice to nuzzle up with a good book by the fire on a cold winter's day and get some reading in. Not to mention that if your children see you doing this they may follow your example!
  5. Cooking and Baking Experimenting - Winter is always a perfect time to experiment with cooking or baking. By experimenting I mean, grab your cookbook, close your eyes, and then open the cookbook to a random page. Whatever is on that page, make it. This is a great activity for kids if you have a cookbook of easy recipes. If you don't have a cookbook, look online; there are many sites that have easy recipes. Just click on one and make it. Your kids will get a kick out of the suspense and be really excited to try it again.
  6. Make a Spring/Summer Activity Chart - Get you and your family thinking ahead in the slow winter months by thinking of what you want to do in the spring and summer months.  Spring break will be here before you know it and knowing what kind of things you want to do will make vacation planning even easier. Start by having each family member write down what they would really like to do on vacation or just on the weekends. Next get a calendar and do some planning. You can limit each person to 3 "realistic" choices and then talk it over. Of course you will get some pretty big ideas like going to Disneyland or taking a trip to a tropical island but at least you are coming together as a family and discussing it and everyone is involved. 
  7. Write a Short Book - Encourage your child to write a short book. It can be about what they did over the past year or it can be completely off the wall and be about some far away land. Either way they are thinking outside the box and using their imagination. They can illustrate it with pictures they draw, or photographs they take. There are even online companies that will print your book so you can make it a keepsake, or order multiple copies as a gift to grandparents, or a teacher.
There are plenty of fun January activities for kids and special days and events that I have come across that you can celebrate. I haven't even heard of some of these, but they look like fun! There are too many to list so I have provided a link below for all the winter Months. 
spring break
Board games are anything but boring and can
provide fun winter activities for the family.
Remember I talked about family game night at the beginning? Well here are some oldies but goodies that never go out of style and I'm sure some of these will bring back fond memories of your own childhood.

Now go and have a fun filled winter and if you catch yourself sitting around and wondering what to do for fun, remember, there is always something to do and you don't have to go far to find it! 

Great Games that Never Get Old
  • Checkers
  • Scrabble
  • Parcheesi
  • Monopoly
  • Slap Jack Card Game
  • Sorry
  • Battleship
  • Trouble
  • Mouse Trap
  • Clue
  • Boggle
  • Uno
  • Operation

Marci Psalmonds
Contributing Writer